Free e-books on nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) InTech, a multidisciplinary Open Access publisher of journals and books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine, so far has published seven nanotechnology book titles that are available as free downloads:
Silver Nanoparticles Silver Nanoparticles

Edited by David Pozo Perez
ISBN 978-953-307-028-5
334 pages, March 2010, 17 chapters

Carbon Nanotubes Carbon Nanotubes

Edited by Jose Mauricio Marulanda
ISBN 978-953-307-054-4
766 pages, March 2010, 36 chapters

Cutting Edge Nanotechnology Cutting Edge Nanotechnology

Edited by Dragica Vasileska
ISBN 978-953-7619-93-0
444 pages, March 2010, 20 chapters

Electrodeposited Nanowires and their Applications Electrodeposited Nanowires and their Applications

Edited by Nicoleta Lupu
ISBN 978-953-7619-88-6
228 pages, February 2010, 10 chapters

Nanowires Science and Technology Nanowires Science and Technology

Edited by Nicoleta Lupu
ISBN 978-953-7619-89-3
402 pages, February 2010, 19 chapters

Nanofibers Nanofibers

Edited by Ashok Kumar
ISBN 978-953-7619-86-2
438 pages, February 2010, 22 chapters

Nanowires Nanowires

Edited by Paola Prete
ISBN 978-953-7619-79-4
414 pages, February 2010, 20 chapters

Source: InTech
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