Promega, MS Bioworks Collaboration Offers Advanced Mass Spectrometry Services for Proteomics

(Nanowerk News) Advancing biological research with high-quality mass spectrometry analysis is the basis of a new service offered by Promega and MS Bioworks (Ann Arbor, MI). Now scientists worldwide can access protein mass spectrometry expertise and leading-edge instrumentation with fast turnaround times. The service covers sample processing, high-quality analysis and transparent consulting from design to analysis.
Promega and MS Bioworks established the mass spectrometry program featuring MS Bioworks' mastered knowledge of sample preparation, protein digestion, LC/MS/MS, data processing, reporting and pre- and post-data analysis consultation. With their optimized processes, MS Bioworks offers:
  • Access to MS Bioworks scientific staff throughout the service
  • Complex sample analysis (e.g., biofluids, tissues) and high sensitivity (e.g., 10,000 cells starting material)
  • Research-focused service packages (e.g., Phospho-works, Glyco-works, etc.)
  • Two-week lead time from sample preparation to analysis report
  • Archiving data at no extra cost for easy access
  • Simple online ordering 24/7, worldwide
  • Researchers can review mass spectrometry services, organize one-on-one consults and submit their orders online at: or
    With over 40 years of combined experience in mass spectrometry, MS Bioworks scientists are extensively published in works such as Nature Cell Biology, EMBO and many ACS journals. Recent investments in new, cutting-edge instrumentation and data processing technologies enable MS Bioworks to manage complex analytical problems arising from the most sophisticated protein research. These capabilities allow both quantitative and qualitative analysis to be performed using techniques such as protein profiling, SILAC and iTRAQ with both CID and ETD fragmentation. Scientists can expect more sensitive protein identification and improved post-translational modification (PTM) characterization, critical to understanding protein function and control.
    Promega has formed this exclusive alliance with MS Bioworks to continue building its core proteomics capabilities. "Combining mass spec sample preparation technologies, such as HaloTag® for protein complex isolation, with a high-quality, mass spec analysis program gives researchers access to the latest techniques," said Dr. Marjeta Urh, Director of Research for Biochemical and Cellular Technologies at Promega. "This program can provide new insight to help us understand complex questions both in protein research and in the development of even better supporting technologies."
    These analytical services complement Promega sample preparation products including the industry standard, Trypsin Gold protease, commonly used for biomarker characterization.
    About MS Bioworks
    MS Bioworks, LLC, is a state-of-the-art protein mass spectrometry services provider based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They provide mass spectrometry services to researchers in the biological sciences, enabling access to the latest mass spectrometry tools, techniques, and expertise. MS Bioworks serves a broad spectrum of industrial and academic clients with a commitment to delivering high-quality data and customer services. Co-founded and operated by four colleagues, Dr. Richard Jones, Dr. Michael Ford, Dr. Ravi Amunugama and David Allen, MS Bioworks has a combined 40 years of protein and peptide mass spectrometry experience with over 70 peer-reviewed publications and posters and numerous presentations at national and international meetings.
    MS Bioworks is located at 3950 Varsity Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108. For more information call 734-929-5083, visit: or email: [email protected]
    About Promega
    Promega Corporation is a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry. The company's 2,000 products enable scientists worldwide to advance their knowledge in genomics, proteomics, cellular analysis, molecular diagnostics and human identification. Founded in 1978, the company is headquartered in Madison, WI, USA, with branches in 14 countries and over 50 global distributors. For more information about Promega, visit:
    Source: Promega (press release)
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