Crossing Automation Enters Carbon Nanotube Market

(Nanowerk News) Extending its reach into related adjacent markets, Crossing Automation, Inc. (, a leading supplier of efficient, cost-effective automation solutions and engineering services, today announced a design win for its ExpressConnect™ vacuum wafer handling system by a carbon nanotube (CNT) original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The Shuttle-LockTM and vacuum cassette elevator configuration will be integrated into the OEM's process tool to automate wafer handling. ExpressConnect was selected because it offered a compact, low-cost solution that met the customer's requirements for its R&D and pilot production environment.
"This order marks our entry into yet another emerging market with significant growth potential and highlights the opportunities available for automation in semiconductor-related markets including CNTs, photovoltaics, LEDs and MEMS," said May Su, vice president of marketing for Crossing Automation. "Our ability to deliver a wide variety of cost-competitive automation building blocks that can be designed to accommodate very specific process requirements provides significant growth opportunities for us as a company."
Crossing's ExpressConnect vacuum wafer handling solutions are well suited to emerging technologies that are in the process of migrating from smaller wafer sizes used in R&D to production-scale 200 and 300 mm, which offer an ideal insertion point for automation technologies. CNTs, MEMS and LEDs are examples of markets that are currently in transition to higher levels of automation in order to meet yield and productivity enhancements.
About Crossing Automation
Crossing Automation is a leading supplier of efficient, cost-effective vacuum and atmospheric automation solutions, materials tracking and engineering services to high volume semiconductor equipment manufacturers, IC, LED and solar manufacturers and other adjacent markets. The company's unique approach to automation solutions enables its customers to shorten time to market, lower development costs and reduce total costs. Through its front-end and back-end automation solutions, Crossing achieves critical manufacturing flexibility for OEMs and manufacturers alike.
Source: Crossing Automation (press release)
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