CIMPACA Characterization Lab Selects DCG Systems WaferScan, LVx and ELITE Technologies

(Nanowerk News) The Centre Intégré de Microélectronique Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur (CIMPACA) today announced the acquisition of a suite of DCG Systems solutions for its characterization and failure analysis platform. This suite of tools consists of the ELITE lock-in thermography system and the Meridian WaferScan emission microscopy wafer prober with LVx option. The LVx technology provides both Continuous Wave Laser Voltage Probing (CW-LVP) and Laser Voltage Imaging (LVI).
"These investments are a significant element of the CIMPACA three-year plan to offer access to key technologies for our members and customers," said Pascal Galand, Characterization Platform Director of the CIMPACA. "We believe that our choice will offer a unique set of capabilities to our partners to assist them in their technology, product development and validation efforts."
"We have a long term relationship with the CIMPACA lab," said Dr. Israel Niv, President and CEO of DCG Systems. "CIMPACA continues to acquire the most advanced diagnostic and characterization systems in the market to meet the challenges of advanced semiconductor technologies down to 22nm. Their acquisition of this technology definitely positions this lab in the forefront of the industry."
Sector Technologies, DCG's European representative, contributed by defining the optimum response to the customer's requirements. Sector will provide service and application support on all these systems to insure a quick and smooth ramp up at CIMPACA. "As we have done since the beginning of CIMPACA, we will continue providing the best support," said Jean-Philippe Roux, President of SECTOR Technologies SAS. "The extensive evaluation we performed demonstrated that these tools are very powerful, and application support is key for the best usage of the equipment and the development of new debug techniques."
"For external customers' performance, flexibility and support efficiency are the keys to success," said Bernard Picart, LFoundry Lab Director. "DCG Systems products and Sector Technologies engineers are helping us to meet our objectives."
CIMPACA Characterization Lab is a mutualized platform between different local partners located in Rousset, France, and initiated by STMicroelectronics, LFoundry, and Universities. It offers a range of complementary expertise in physical-chemical materials analysis and in failure analysis for issues relevant to a wide range of business fields (semiconductors, photovoltaic technologies, aerospace industry, etc.). For more information please visit
About Sector Technologies SAS
SECTOR Technologies SAS, a privately held company headquartered in Grenoble, France, is a provider of sales and service support for semiconductor high technology products in Europe. For more information please visit
About DCG Systems
DCG Systems, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California, is the leading provider of semiconductor debug and characterization solutions for the semiconductor industry. With operations in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Israel, DCG delivers competitive cost and performance advantages to integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), wafer foundries and fabless chip companies worldwide. DCG Systems is comprised of the former Schlumberger/NPTest Probe Systems division, Optonics, Inc., Hypervision, Inc. and Zyvex Instruments, LLC, with an installed base of over 950 systems worldwide. For more information please visit
Source: DCG Systems (press release)
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