Rusnano and Sverdlovsk region to create nanotechnology start-up center

(Nanowerk News) A centre for the development of start-ups in the nanotechnology field will be created in the Sverdlovsk region in 2011, Governor Alexander Misharin told reporters on Tuesday.
In his words, 1.7 billion roubles (USD 1 = RUB 30.27) will be invested in the new structure, which will be created when the regional authorities and ROSNANO (Russian State Corporation for Nanotechnologies) sign an agreement.
The document is expected to be signed in January-March 2011, he said.
"Signing of an agreement on the opening of a start-up nano-center is the initial step for strengthening interaction with the state corporation," Misharin said, adding, "Our enterprises won ROSNANO's tender. And now the sides are signing appropriate documents."
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