Silicon Solar Solutions Receives SBIR Award to Develop Thin-Film Solar Cell Technology

(Nanowerk News) Silicon Solar Solutions is awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant effective January 4th, 2010. The focus of the SBIR is to develop Silicon Solar Solutions' award winning technologies for thin-film solar cells. The process, denoted TAIC, replaces the most costly and time consuming steps in the creation of traditional polycrystalline thin-film solar cells. The proprietary TAIC process creates a thin film of large grain polysilicon by crystallizing amorphous silicon. The size of the grains produced using this method (shown to the right) are ninety times larger than conventional methods and are produced in a fraction of the time.
large grain polysilicon
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of Silicon Solar Solutions' proprietary large grain polysilicon.
Douglas Hutchings, CEO of Silicon Solar Solutions, said, "We are extremely excited to advance our technology into thin-film solar cells with the support of the National Science Foundation. The potential reward is a significant reduction in the cost of thin-film silicon solar cells and the opportunity to commence local manufacturing. We have received tremendous support from local and state agencies and we are overjoyed to add the NSF to our list of supporters." Silicon Solar Solutions has received support from the University of Arkansas, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority, Innovate Arkansas and Green Valley Development.
The NSF SBIR Phase I is a six month program that supports high-risk, high-reward research in the areas of national importance. The award of $150,000 will be used to prove the concept of using the TAIC process for thin-film solar cells. If successful the results of Phase I will be used to apply for the Phase II program with awards that range up to $500,000.
About Silicon Solar Solutions
Silicon Solar Solutions ( provides a low cost method for manufacturing silicon-based solar cells and thin-film modules. The technologies developed by Silicon Solar Solutions utilize abundant, non-toxic materials that minimize negative environmental impact and are easily recyclable. Our goal is to enable competitive solar manufacturing regardless of geographic location.
Source: Silicon Solar Solutions (press release)
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