New Nanocomposite Barrier Coatings Provide Cost and Performance Advantages Over EVOH and PVDC

(Nanowerk News) InMat®, the leader in environmentally friendly, high barrier nanocomposite coatings, announces its new Nanolok™ WR water-based barrier coating product line. These coatings provide a significant advance in the performance of water based high barrier nanocomposite coatings.
Nanolok™ WR 20135a provides high oxygen barrier over the widest relative humidity range currently available in water based nanocomposites. A 1 micron coating will provide an oxygen barrier more than 4 times better than that of PVDC coated PET at relative humidity from 0-80%, and is still almost twice as good at 85% RH. This coating also provides similar moisture barrier to that of PVDC coated PET when tested at 85RH and 40C. It is ∼10x better oxygen barrier than EVOH (EVAL E) and 40 times better moisture barrier.
Nanolok WR 301409 provides a new level of direct adhesion to a wide variety of flexible packaging films including many polyolefins. This will enable customers to reduce the number of layers in their barrier packaging. After drying this coating has shown excellent resistance to incidental contact with water, and will maintain its barrier properties after top coating and or application of water based inks.
"This new product line once again demonstrates InMat's technical leadership in the area of water based nanocomposite barrier coatings" says InMat President and CEO Harris A. Goldberg. "Our WR 201 product is exceptional in its performance at high relative humidity making it stand out when compared to competitive products.
As with all InMat coatings, these products contain no solvents or hazardous materials and are appropriate for food packaging applications. If you have a commercial application for these products, please email [email protected], or call Dr. Harris A. Goldberg at 908-874-7788 for more technical information and technical data sheets. Additional information on InMat is available at its website at
Since 1999 InMat® Inc., The Innovative Nanocomposite Materials Company, is leading the development and commercialization of nanocomposite barrier coating technology. The company is committed to providing environmentally friendly coatings to improve product performance for both industrial and consumer product applications.
Source: InMat (press release)
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