Australia Gets Its First Manufacturer of Carbon Nanotubes

(Nanowerk News) A Perth company is set to become Australia's first commercial producer of high strength carbon nanotubes.
The company claims the product is expected to generate new-world markets worth billions of dollars a year.
The nanotubes have a wide range of modern day technological, construction and electronic applications, and will be produced in the Denver, Colorado laboratory of ASX-listed Eden Energy Limited. Eden said it had now made a decision to proceed during 2011 with the scaling up of its initial batch plant installed in Denver last year after the Company acquired full rights to the nanotechnology from its former project partner, the University of Queensland.
"The decision to scale-up the plant by year's end follows the successful trial batching over Christmas which saw our plant run in a continuous production cycle for the first time," Eden Energy's executive chairman Greg Solomon said.
"Our trial plant, which we used more to perfect the production and quality control process rather than focus on output, can probably produce up to about three tonnes of nanotubes a year.
"The scale-up, however, will take that capacity more to between 25100 tonnes per annum and that makes Eden's nanotubes supply competitive on the world-stage."
Solomon said the largest manufacturer in the world currently is a Chinese company, Cnano, which is reported to produce around 500 tonnes per year. Europe's Bayer Corporation is currently the second largest global producer at 200 tpa but there are other similar sized producers in Germany and France.
Source: Eden Energy (press release)
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