NetLogic Microsystems Reports its First Silicon Tape-Out in TSMC's Advanced 28nm Process

(Nanowerk News) NetLogic Microsystems, Inc., a worldwide leader in high-performance intelligent semiconductor solutions for next-generation Internet networks, today announced that it has developed and taped out its next-generation silicon in the advanced 28nm process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The leading-edge 28nm process offers up to 50 percent higher speed, 40 percent lower power and 100 percent higher gate density compared to the 40nm node, and up to 120 percent higher speed, 60 percent lower power and over 300 percent higher gate density compared to the 65nm node.
As an Early Access/Development Partner for TSMC's 28nm process, NetLogic Microsystems is migrating its next-generation multi-core processing, knowledge-based processing and 10/40/100 Gigabit PHY product lines to the advanced process node to offer customers best-in-class performance, power efficiency and cost structures. These 28nm products are targeted at next-generation LTE (Long Term Evolution), IPv6, data center and security markets.
NetLogic Microsystems has consistently adopted the strategy of aggressively adopting the most advanced process nodes for its market-leading products to drive significant performance and power advantage, and to further separate itself from the competition in the network infrastructure market. For example, NetLogic Microsystems was the first vendor to deliver 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet PHY, multi-core processors and knowledge-based processors in the advanced 40nm process.
"I congratulate our team on this major milestone and for continuing to outperform the industry on engineering execution excellence by having taped out a very complex silicon for next-generation network infrastructure applications," said Ron Jankov, president and CEO at NetLogic Microsystems. "Our strategy to be on the forefront of manufacturing technologies and be one or two nodes ahead of our competition has helped us grow market share in knowledge-based processors, 10/40/100GE PHY and now multi-core processors."
NetLogic Microsystems will be introducing multiple new products in 28nm throughout 2011.
About NetLogic Microsystems
NetLogic Microsystems, Inc. is a worldwide leader in high-performance intelligent semiconductor solutions that are powering next-generation Internet networks. NetLogic Microsystems' best-in-class products perform highly differentiated tasks of accelerating complex network traffic to significantly enhance the performance and functionality of advanced 3G/4G mobile wireless infrastructure, data center, enterprise, metro Ethernet, edge and core infrastructure networks. NetLogic Microsystems' market-leading product portfolio includes high-performance multi-core processors, knowledge-based processors, content processors, network search engines, ultra low-power embedded processors and high-speed 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet PHY solutions. These products are designed into high-performance systems such as switches, routers, wireless base stations, security appliances, networked storage appliances, service gateways and connected media devices offered by leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). NetLogic Microsystems is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has offices and design centers throughout North America, Asia and Europe. For more information about products offered by NetLogic Microsystems, call +1-408-454-3000 or visit the NetLogic Microsystems Web site at
Source: NetLogic Microsystems (press release)
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