Institute of Photonics at University of Strathclyde Purchases NanoInk's NLP 2000 Desktop Nanofabrication System

(Nanowerk News) NanoInk's® NanoFabrication Systems Division is pleased to announce that the Institute of Photonics at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K., purchased an NLP 2000 to be used for applied photonics and nanophotonics. NanoInk's NLP 2000 System is a desktop nanofabrication system that allows researchers to rapidly design and create custom engineered and functionalized surfaces on the micro and nanoscale, using Dip Pen Nanolithography® (DPN®) to transfer minute amounts of materials over a large, environmentally controlled work area. The Institute of Photonics plans to use the NLP 2000 specifically for the deposition of soft materials to existing structures to generate optical effects, color conversion and for laser fabrication.
"We are excited by our initial results using the NLP 2000 in the deposition of optical materials and polymers. The patterning of soft materials using tip-based lithography builds strongly on our existing expertise and capabilities in microLED arrays. As an applications-focused research unit, we believe that many exciting research opportunities will stem from this technology," said Simon Andrews, business development manager for the Institute of Photonics. "We are also very encouraged by NanoInk's focus on supporting application development with a view towards future commercial exploitation."
"The ability of the NLP 2000 to generate patterns of optical materials on scales wavelength or sub-wavelength dimensions is clearly aligned with the strategy and capability of the Institute of Photonics," said Robert Marchmont, general manager of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, NanoInk. "With three of NanoInk's DPN systems installed in close proximity, and the strong collaboration between Professors Martin Dawson, Peter Skabara and Duncan Graham, the University of Strathclyde has developed into a key center of excellence for DPN in optical nanoscience."
NanoInk's NanoFabrication Systems Division brings sophisticated nanofabrication to the laboratory desktop in an easy to use and affordable setting. For sales information, please email: [email protected] More information is available at:
The Institute of Photonics, established in 1996, is a commercially-oriented research unit, part of the University of Strathclyde. The Institute's key objective is to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial applications and development in the area of photonics. The University of Strathclyde is a leading university, meeting the needs of students, employers, industry and the wider community through its teaching, research, consultancy and knowledge transfer. Strathclyde is located in the heart of Glasgow, and is Scotland 's third largest University. More information is available at:
About NanoInk
NanoInk, Inc. is an emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing and applications development for the life sciences, engineering, pharmaceutical, and education industries. Using Dip Pen Nanolithography® (DPN®), a patented and proprietary nanofabrication technology, scientists are enabled to rapidly and easily create micro-and nanoscale structures from a variety of materials on a range of substrates. This low cost, easy to use and scalable technique brings sophisticated nanofabrication to the laboratory desktop.
Source: NanoInk (press release)
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