Nanobiotix and the ETPN Launch the First Nanomedicine TV

(Nanowerk News) Nanomed TV foresees to become the main hub for Nanomedicine thanks to its initiators, two major European players in nanomedicine: the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) and Nanobiotix. Nanomed TV will make information accessible, aiming at answering what people need and wish to know about Nanomedicine.
This project is driven by Nanobiotix, a leading company in Nanomedicine focused on cancer treatment and the ETPN, an initiative led by the industry and set up together with the European Commission to address the application of nanotechnology to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare.
NanomedTV is supported by renowned experts that bring together scientific, medical, regulatory, industrial and financial expertise.
According to Laurent Levy, co-founder and CEO of Nanobiotix, a 15 years long veteran in nanotechnologies : "People are looking for experts to advise them, not to ignore them. Thus, Nanomedicine experts need to inform in a trustful and comprehensive way on discoveries and new knowledge in order to speed up the adoption of Nanomedicine to the benefit of patients and the healthcare system."
Bertrand Loubaton, chairman of the ETPN, claims that "NanomedTV will contribute to the dissemination of novel medical approaches and will help to bring the interested communities industry, academia, research bodies and public authorities as well as the individual patients together and by that to create a transparent and reliable information channel."
Nanotechnologies represent a historical break that gives clinicians new tools in the fight against disease, trauma and other medical problems. Diagnoses can be made earlier and more quickly; medicines and other treatments can be better targeted and lead to fewer side effects. More importantly, nanomedicine can bring new options for treatment through new modes of action that are not based on biological interaction.
Nanomed TV will be reviewed by a group of experts before publishing. It will host qualified videos, podcasts, with medical, scientific, technical, industrial points of view. The content will show some shorts movies (from 1 to 15 minutes), podcasts, etc.
About ETP Nanomedicine -
The European Technology Platform Nanomedicine was established in 2005 as a joint venture of the European Commission and CEOs of large industrial companies such as Philips, Siemens and UCB, SMEs and academic research institutions to investigate and advance joint activities in the area of nanotechnology in medicine. Since 2005 the ETPN published a number of strategic documents outlining the needs and roadmaps for nanomedicine research in Europe. The ETPN contributed to set up numerous European funded projects providing a first impression of the conditions for a suitable social and economic environment and the structural requirements for an efficient translation of R&D results into innovative Nanomedicines. The ETPN supports its members in coordinating their joint research efforts and improving communication amongst the members as well as towards the European Commission and the European Member States.
About Nanobiotix -
Nanobiotix is a Nanomedicine company dedicated to the development of new treatments for cancer based on the combined application of nanotechnologies and biotechnologies. Nanobiotix is a spin-off of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo that was incorporated in 2003 and has been primarily funded by leading European venture capital firms (Matignon Technologies, OTC Asset Management, Cap Decisif, Amorcage Rhone-Alpes, CIC Vizille; Masseran Gestion-CGE). With the development of numerous new compounds, Nanobiotix's objective is to increase its leading position in nanomedicine field.
Source: Nanobiotix (press release)
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