Docea Power Joins Synopsys System-Level Catalyst Program

(Nanowerk News) Docea Power, the design-for-low-power company that delivers software solutions for power and thermal analysis at the architectural level, announced today that it has joined the Synopsys System-Level Catalyst program to ensure the interoperability of its Aceplorer tool with Synopsys System-Level solutions. The Synopsys System-Level Catalyst program accelerates adoption of system-level design and verification by advancing tool and model interoperability as well as availability of system-level models and services.
Aceplorer is the first Electronic Systems Level (ESL) solution completely dedicated to power and thermal estimation. It allows modeling of complex power management scenarios and hardware architectures and addresses the needs of system architects in charge of power optimization of on-chip or on-board designs.
The integration enables designers to link the performance analysis done on Synopsys Platform Architect to the power consumption analysis of Aceplorer. The architecture captured in Platform Architect can be exported in Aceplorer to generate the relevant power model, and the performance analysis results containing power state switching and activity can be used as use case scenarios in Aceplorer to run the power consumption simulation. Once analysis is complete, Aceplorer automatically generates reports, specifications and IEEE Standard 1801-2009 or Unified Power Format (UPF) code for implementation teams.
"Our joint solution allows customers to generate power-dimensioning scenarios from software running on virtual platforms and simulate them in Aceplorer for software-driven power optimization or power aware software development," said Ghislain Kaiser, Docea Power CEO. "Exploring both performance and power consumption axes and making trade-offs to define the optimum architecture configuration can be done by running Aceplorer and Synopsys Platform Architect together ."
"We are seeing the same market dynamics that made system-level tools necessary for analyzing the performance of new SoCs and systems architectures driving similar needs for new solutions to power modeling and estimation at the architectural level,"said Frank Schirrmeister, director of product marketing, System-Level Solutions, Synopsys. "With Docea Power joining the System-Level Catalyst program, the interoperability between our tools will open new opportunities to our common customers enabling system-level exploration of power and performance."
Interoperability Demonstration at EDSFair
Docea Power is exhibiting at the Electronic Design and Solution Fair (EDSFair) in Japan, January 27-28, 2011 and will demonstrate the interoperability between Synopsys Platform Architect and Docea 's Aceplorer at Booth #218.
About Docea Power
Docea Power develops and commercializes a new generation of methodology and tools for enabling faster and more reliable power and thermal modelling at the electronic systems level. Its Aceplorer framework offers a consistent approach for executing architectural exploration and optimizing power and thermal behaviour of electronic systems at an early stage of a project.
Docea's customers include manufacturers of electronic systems, chips and boards targeting wireless, multimedia, consumer, networking and automotive applications. For more information:
Source: Docea Power (press release)
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