NanoSphere And Designtex Create Partnership

(Nanowerk News) Designtex continues its commitment to extreme performance and environmentally friendly textiles, as the first company in the U.S. contract market to add Schoeller Technology's NanoSphere® to its repertoire of textile finishes. The nanotechnology–based textile impregnation features a high level of water and stain resistance, a natural self-cleaning effect leading to easier care and maintenance, and outstanding abrasion resistance. NanoSphere is also bluesign®-certified, a multiple-attribute certification confirming that the highest human and environmental health criteria are met.
A unique second-generation nanotechnology-based textile finish, NanoSphere combines innovative C6 chemistry with significant environmental advantages, yet maintains extremely effective stain resistance and easy care and cleaning. Most importantly, NanoSphere offers durability against the effects of water and solvent cleaning agents and a wide range of essential disinfectants that are critical for public areas such as stadiums, hotel lobbies or hospital rooms, which are put under a variety of specific environmental stresses. In addition to its outstanding abrasion resistance, the special finishing formula for NanoSphere features a natural self-cleaning benefit that means easier maintenance and cleaning. Similar to the way certain plants stay clean as dirt is easily washed off by rain and cannot adhere to their finely structured surfaces, NanoSphere's self-cleaning process is permanently transferred to the textile surface. NanoSphere's environmentally clean textile finish means cleaner, longer-lasting textiles that are water and stain resistant.
Designtex Director of Engineering Marty Gurian, shares, "Following four years of development, I am thrilled that Designtex is first to launch NanoSphere in this market. I am very confident about what it can do and the strategic soundness for Designtex to use this advanced finish, based on our own Extreme Performance Standards and innovative legacy and mission."
NanoSphere utilizes the latest C6 fluorocarbon technology. C6 chemistry avoids the formation of any C8 breakdown products such as PFOA (perfluoroctanoic acid), a carbon chain solvent commonly used in non-stick finishes for cookware, without sacrificing high-performing stain resistance. Many conventional stain repellent finishes utilizing C8 chemistry have detectable quantities of PFOA. PFOAs are a regulatory priority for scientists and officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they persist in the environment and are bio-available, meaning they can enter the food chain. C6 chemistry avoids the formation of any C8 breakdown products such as PFOA, without sacrificing high performing stain resistance. Smaller carbon chain lengths below C6 have not proven to have the same performance properties as NanoSphere. These innovative changes result in a finish with undetectable PFOA and superior stain resistance.
Designtex is a design and product development firm that celebrates inquiry and collaboration. A Steelcase company, the Designtex family of products includes: Designtex (textiles, wallcoverings, panel fabrics, drapery, cubicles and digital printed surface imaging), Fusion (architectural panels), and loophouse (custom hand-made rugs). Designtex maintains showrooms, offices and sales locations in 110 global locations. For more information call 800-221-1540 or visit
Schoeller Technologies AG is a globally active company for innovative textile technologies. It furthers the development of pioneering textile technologies through the deployment of international and interdisciplinary R&D teams and holds intellectual property rights (patents and trademarks). The company organizes the worldwide availability and distribution of its technologies with selected distribution partners and supports its licensees in technical matters, as well as in marketing and sales. Schoeller Technologies AG is a subsidiary of Schoeller Textil AG and was founded in 2000.
Source: Schoeller USA (press release)
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