Bruker Introduces the New G4 Icarus CS HF Analyzer

(Nanowerk News) Bruker announces the launch of the all-new G4 Icarus CS HF, the premier metal analyzer for assessing carbon and sulfur content. The G4 Icarus provides rapid, low-cost analysis opportunities for a wide array of sample applications such as:
  • Steel plants and foundries
  • Metal machining and production industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Contract laboratories
  • Chemical industry
  • University laboratories
  • Ceramics and cement industry
  • Bruker G4 Icarus CS HF
    The Icarus has been designed to address the undesirable maintenance requirements that have been accepted by the industry. A unique, patent-pending furnace design is incorporated that reduces unwanted combustion byproducts, such as splatter against interior furnace walls. The dust filter for purifying the sample stream is conveniently located on the front panel behind a clear enclosure and the furnace housing features a viewing port for observing the combustion process and furnace integrity. No longer is guessing required when it comes to furnace maintenance.
    The G4 Icarus CS HF features:
  • Minimal furnace maintenance
  • Fewer furnace consumable replacements
  • Superior sample throughput
  • Unsurpassed component warranties
  • Minimal gas consumption
  • Intuitive One-4-All software interface
  • The addition of this new G4 Icarus CS instrument complements the complete line of elemental analysis systems offered by Bruker.
    Source: Bruker (press release)
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