Frost Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation Presented to CELLERGY on SuperCapacitor Manufacturing EIA, 2010

(Nanowerk News) Cellergy Ltd. A full subsidiary of PCB Technology of the Priortech group, developer and manufacturer of Pulse SuperCapacitors implemented in a wide range of Electronic consumer and industrial battery operated devices, today announced that Frost & Sullivan, a global research and growth consulting firm has conferred the Technology Innovation award in SuperCapacitor Manufacturing EIA, 2010.
The following criteria were used to benchmark Cellergy's performance against key competitors:
1. Uniqueness of Technology - Cellergy utilizes unique, patented Screen Printing and automation techniques enabling mass production, flexibility in voltages range, dimensions and shapes.
2. Impact on New Products/Applications When voltage drops are too deep, electronic circuits stall and batteries are damaged. This drop can be overcome, when connecting Cellergy's Pulse SuperCapacitors in parallel to the battery resulting in longer battery life. Common applications are Active and battery operated RFID, Automated Meter Readers, Solenoids, PC cards, Consumer Mobile Devices.
3. Impact on Functionality - The screen printing technique developed by Cellergy has a prolific impact on the functionality of the company's products. The used Aqueous Electrolyte enables the building of products from 1.4 to 18 Volts, performing well at temperatures as low as -40°C.
4. Impact on Customer Value - Automation implemented in Cellergy's screen printing process reduces the need for human resources in the fabrication stage and reduces the cost of SuperCapacitors, increasing its potential in newer low cost consumer applications.
5. Relevance of Innovation to Industry - Cellergy's innovation comes at a time when energy storage solutions are finding newer and bigger markets in the world today. In particular are SuperCapacitor technologies, which are expected to take over or complement the battery in an array of electronic, automotive, and industrial applications.
About Cellergy
Cellergy, a part of PCB technology group was founded in 2002 as manufacturer of low cost SuperCapacitors - employing the unique screen-printing technique. The company has a manufacturing site and an R&D center in Israel.
Source: Cellergy (press release)
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