German Pavilion at nano tech in Tokyo With New Nanoparticle Supplier: Particular GmbH

(Nanowerk News) From February 16th to 18th, the world's largest nanotechnology exhibition will take place in Tokyo, Japan. One of the highlights of nano tech 2011 is the "German Pavilion" presenting nanotechnology expertise from Germany in a separate exhibition area.
Particular GmbH is joining the German Pavilion for the first time. It enriches the technology show by a physical nanoparticle generation process and is the first company to present nanoparticles in liquids that have been produced by a physical laser ablation process.
These nanoparticles are highly pure and are available from all kinds of metals, alloys, or ceramics, dispersed in water, acetone, and other solvents. The purity, variety and flexibility predestine the products for quick nanotechnological research and development results. The colloids can also be produced in larger quantities. On the show, Particular will present nanoparticle dispersions from gold, silver, platinum, and titanium.
About Particular
Particular is a nanotech company from Hannover, Germany, and started their business as a nanomaterial supplier in July 2010. The start-up is the first company to employ laser ablation in liquids for the production of nanoparticles. The particles are pure and charged, and their liquid dispersion media ensure a high quality and good and secure processability.
Source: Particular (press release)
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