Timberland Reinvents Traditional Spring Footwear With New Bionic Canvas and Ion-Mask Technology by P2i

(Nanowerk News) Timberland is best known for its rugged footwear designed for outdoor adventures, and is widely respected for a legacy of innovation since the introduction of its first waterproof leather boot in 1973. Now the brand is reinventing canvas for Spring 2011 – making it tougher than ever and adding water-resistance -- by introducing Bionic® canvas and ion-mask™ technology by P2i in select new men's and women's styles.
"Canvas is known for being tough but also lightweight and breathable – perfect attributes for spring and summer outdoor adventures," said Maile Buker, Timberland's Senior Director of Marketing for North America. "But it has also had its limitations...until now. Timberland is excited to bring innovation to canvas footwear this spring, making it tougher than ever and highly resistant to water and stains, without sacrificing breathability. That means these shoes will withstand the elements even better, and stay looking great even longer."
Bionic® canvas is created from Bionic® yarn – a unique material made from 50% organic cotton wrapped around a 38% recycled PET and 12% HT polyester core. Timberland is the first footwear brand to introduce the material's innovative new double helix structure, making it 30% stronger than regular canvas while maintaining the look and feel of natural cotton canvas. Proven to dry at least 30% faster than 100% cotton canvas, Bionic® canvas is also twice as abrasion-resistant and provides the utmost in design aesthetics for spring, when canvas is a must-have. Bionic® canvas is used in more than 80 styles across men's, women's and kids styles for spring 2011.
Bionic® canvas highlights for men include the Earthkeepers™ 2.0 Cupsole Canvas Deck Chukka and Earthkeepers™ Canvas Desert Boot. Featured women's styles include the Earthkeepers™ Vintera Chukka and Earthkeepers™ Vintera Oxford.
To make Bionic® canvas even tougher, ion-mask™ t echnology by P2i has been added to repel water in select styles, keeping feet dry while maintaining the fabric's natural breathability. It also makes footwear highly resistant to stains, to keep it looking great even longer. The inclusion of ion-mask™ technology by P2i within the spring 2011 collection improves the performance of the new canvas offerings for the season and provides consumers with durable designs that last.
New spring styles featuring this innovative technology (in addition to Bionic® canvas) include the Earthkeepers™ City 6 Inch Leather & Fabric Side Zip and Earthkeepers™ City Leather & Fabric Chukka and for men, and the Earthkeepers™ Cabot Leather & Fabric Tall Zip Boot and Earthkeepers™ Cabot Leather & Fabric Desert Boot and for women. By utilizing these new materials and technologies, Timberland strengthens its commitment to the environment, while allowing consumers to make the most out of their outdoor experiences with great-looking, outdoor-proven gear that is built to last. Styles noted are available now at Timberland Specialty stores and retail wholesale partners nationwide, as well as at www.timberland.com .
About Bionic® canvas
Bionic® is a technologically advanced yarn structure which blends petroleum and natural based fibers with recycled plastic bottles made of PET through a unique yarn spinning method. Bionic® yarn is product of Return Textiles, LLC - a leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of high performance ecologically sustainable yarns and fabrics. Bionic® is co-owned by musician and producer Pharrell Williams.
About ion-mask™ technology by P2i
Ion-mask™ technology by P2i, is a revolutionary liquid repellent nano-coating technology for lifestyle products including footwear, outdoor clothing and accessories. On shoes treated with ion-mask™, water forms beads and simply rolls off. One thousand times thinner than a human hair, ion-mask™ is completely invisible and weightless as well as delivering the full natural airflow of the shoe material – keeping wearers comfortable and dry, by resisting water from outside and maintaining optimum control of temperature and 'breathability'. Ion-mask™ repels water as well as dirt too - helping guard against stains and making products look new for longer. The coating is molecularly bonded to the shoe at a nanoscopic level, making it highly durable and unaffected by everyday wear and tear. To learn more about ion-mask™ and P2i, the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, visit www.p2i.com.
Source: P2i (press release)
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