SkinzWraps Secures Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Nanotech UV Protection Spray

(Nanowerk News) SkinzWraps, Inc., vanguard of the vehicle wrap industry, confirms that it has entered into an exclusive multiyear agreement with Permanon USA to offer Permanon's nanotechnology-based UV protection spray to the vehicle wrap market. This agreement grants SkinzWraps exclusivity for the vehicle wrap market in the United States, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Australia.
UV damage (or "toasting") to vehicle wraps, which typically results in "crazing" of the wrap, is a newly observed, little discussed, but growing problem in the vehicle wrap industry and it affects all films, inks and warranties. Current methods for fixing the toasted vehicles (replacing the wrap) are costly and time consuming for vehicle wrap providers. SkinzWraps focused its attention to solving the crazing riddle, which required both pinpointing the exact cause of the problem and developing a workable solution, in late 2009. In less than a year, SkinzWraps officially solved the crazing riddle, which allowed a chance meeting at 2010 SEMA by the CEOs of both SkinzWraps and Permanon to set the groundwork for this agreement.
"At SkinzWraps we keep detailed records on all vehicles it has wrapped over the last 10 years, down to the lot number for the base films used. This detailed record keeping allowed us to attack this mysterious problem in a CSI-type manner," says Peter C. Salaverry CEO of SkinzWraps. He adds, "Our plans for Permanon's nanotech UV protection spray extend beyond just our own use. We plan to actively look for fleet/grand-format partners to use this product in places like Nevada and Arizona. We plan to use this Permanon's product to expand upon an existing relationship in the UAE, a location that could be a thriving market for vehicle wraps but has in essence been stunted by extreme UV toasting. Finally, we expect that in early 2012 we will have selective distribution in the vehicle wrap market within the US for Permanon's nanotech UV protection spray."
More details on Permanon's nanotech UV protection spray now exclusively offered by SkinzWraps, including videos showing an easy application method, can be found at
About SkinzWraps, Inc.
SkinzWraps, Inc. is the industry's leading vehicle wrap company offering a full suite of solutions. SkinzWraps, Inc. pioneered the concept of wrapping vehicles in 2001 and since then has wrapped over 6600 vehicles nationwide. SkinzWraps is headquartered in Dallas, TX and services clients all across the United States.
About Permanon USA
Permanon USA is the master distributor of Permanon products in North America and the Caribbean Basin. Permanon is designed to provide UV resistance as well as protect polyurethane topcoats and other solid substrates such as glass, FRP, stainless steel, chrome, vinyl, rubber, leather, stone, and cultured surfaces. Once applied dirt, protein stains, mineral deposits, brake dust and exhaust fume stains as examples, are much easier to remove using Permanon 2 in 1 Cleanzer Revitalizer or common cleaners.
Source: SkinzWraps (press release)
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