P2i Unveils Details of Commercial-scale Liquid Repellent Nanocoating Machine

(Nanowerk News) Aridion™, P2i's revolutionary liquid repellent nano-coating technology for consumer electronics, will soon be available to high-volume mobile handset manufacturers with the launch of the first high-capacity Aridion™ processing machine at Mobile World Congress.
The Aridion™ 400 applies an invisible nanoscopic polymer layer to fully-assembled handsets using a special pulsed ionized gas (plasma), which is created at room temperature within a vacuum chamber. The plasma penetrates the phone both internally and externally dramatically lowering its surface energy, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off. The result is a dramatic reduction in corrosion and electrochemical migration, even after shower, salt-fog and water submersion testing.
The Aridion™ 400 can treat up to 1,000 phones in a single process run, allowing for cost-effective and efficient treatment of handsets immediately prior to packaging. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly and effortlessly with existing assembly lines in high volume manufacturing environments and can be operated at the touch of a single button.
"Aridion™ provides unbeatable protection against liquid damage for high performance smartphones, delivering better looks and performance for consumers, and minimizing warranty failure and repair costs for manufacturers", said Dr Stephen Coulson, Chief Technical Officer at P2i. "Our Aridion™ technology is already providing protection for more than three million hearing aid users worldwide. We're delighted to unveil details of the new processing machine at Mobile World Congress and anticipate significant interest from handset manufacturers attending the show."
About P2i
P2i is the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology. It was established in 2004 to commercialize liquid-repellent treatments developed by the UK's Ministry of Defence. Now on a commercial scale, P2i's patented process has been successfully applied to a wide range of products in a wide range of markets including lifestyle, electronics, military and institutional, life sciences, energy and filtration.
In consumer sectors, the presence of P2i's technology is indicated either by ion-mask™, its brand for footwear, outdoor clothing and accessories, or Aridion™, its brand for electronics. See www.p2i.com for more information.
How the P2i technology works
P2i's technology works by applying a nanometer-thin polymer layer over the entire surface of a product. Using an ionized gas (plasma) this layer is molecularly bound to the surface and will not leach away. The process confers superior oil and water repellency by reducing the surface energy to ultra-low levels down to one third that of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). In footwear and textile applications, P2i's technology also minimizes liquid absorption from outside elements and evaporated perspiration.
Tests show that P2i's patented nano-coating technology can deliver performance benefits for a wide range of materials, including polymers, metals, fabrics, leather, ceramics, glass and paper. Even complex, 3D objects incorporating several different materials can be treated successfully with the P2i process: from footwear to hearing aids, bio-consumables to filtration.
Source: P2i (press release)
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