Cooperation Between Nanogate and GEA Air Treatment Launched Successfully With First Orders

(Nanowerk News) Nanogate AG, a leading international systems provider for nanotechnology, and GEA Air Treatment GmbH, a GEA Group company, have received their first orders for the fruits of their cooperation. Both companies are broadening their product portfolios and are currently developing a new generation of filter systems. Nanogate is also acquiring a technology package from its shareholding sarastro GmbH to complement its portfolio and thereby support the current cooperation.
The partnership has set itself the objective of developing and selling multifunctional filter systems for use in ventilation. Innovative bag filters for air filtration have been developed on the basis of existing filter systems from GEA Air Treatment and with the help of technology from Nanogate. The first orders have already been received. A new generation of filter systems which combine multiple functions, for example in the form of antistatic or flame-retardant properties, is currently being developed. There is a particularly high level of customer interest in antimicrobial filter systems.
"The first orders for GEA Air Treatment filters arising from our collaboration with them confirm the high level of performance that this technology provides," commented Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate AG. "Our materials have proved their worth in serial production. The high pace of innovation, from the development stage to the product, is due in no small part to our modular platform strategy with which we as a systems provider for nanotechnology can quickly implement customer solutions virtually on demand."
Technology portfolio expanded
Nanogate has also acquired an extensive technology package from its shareholding sarastro GmbH. This package is currently being used within the scope of the partnership with GEA Air Treatment and in other projects. The technology enables functional textiles in numerous spheres of application to be equipped with better hygienic properties, for example by applying a system of antimicrobial protection. This expertise has also been used in the "permaProtect Membran" platform, for which Nanogate generated a mid-range six-figure sum in earnings in the last financial year. As part of the transaction, Nanogate is also converting its equity holding of 25.1 % in sarastro into a dormant equity holding.
"With this transaction we are securing for ourselves a complementary and proven technology on attractive terms. Furthermore, we are expecting continuous growth in international demand for top-selling applications and are now in a position to implement further solutions for the market quickly," Zastrau adds.
Source: Nanogate (press release)
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