MEMSCAP Demonstrates More than 200 Million Cycles on its Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuator

(Nanowerk News) MEMSCAP, the leading provider of innovative solutions based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, including optical components, today announces it has successfully completed die level reliability testing beyond 200 millions cycles on its Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuators.
Fueled by the demand for faster internet connection and multiservice solutions, investments in existing and new optical network infrastructures are steadily growing to benefit the optical networking industry. Optical system integrators are looking for proven high quality and high reliability components to be safely integrated in complex optical modules operating up to 100 GBits. MEMS based Variable Optical Attenuators are gaining momentum and market share over competing traditional technologies in optical networks applications ranging from optical modules protection to the growing segment of Power Management.
MEMSCAP has supplied multiple customers from the beginning of its innovative photonic road map up to full product release, building a track record for catering to the needs of the optical community and providing state-of-the-art products in production.
"MEMSCAP is the N°1 Supplier of Optical MEMS Chips for Variable Optical Attenuators in optical telecom markets, a segment growing at an impressive CAGR of 28% from 2009 to 2014, as MEMS-based VOAs increasingly displace non-MEMS solutions", said Jérémie Bouchaud, Director and Principal Analyst for MEMS and Sensors at IHS iSuppli (see iSuppli H2 2010 High Value MEMS Market Tracker).
MEMSCAP's commitment to high quality over the years has resulted in numerous breakthrough products exhibiting superior performance and reliability. Recent die level tests on the Thermally Actuated MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator product line confirmed that the MEMS devices operate within all specifications even after 200 millions cycles with all optical, mechanical and electrical properties remaining within their strict initial specifications. The key operating parameters of electrical resistance and power consumption of the units exhibit excellent stability over the full duration of the test.
Capitalizing on its optical MEMS Intellectual Property in design and manufacturing, MEMSCAP has developed a wide variety of Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuators in both Normally Open and Normally Closed configurations, including different die sizes, with or without metalized backside.
MEMSCAP's Variable Optical Attenuator dies have been designed to fit most packaging technologies available on the market and in closed loop mode exhibit superior optical power attenuation stability.
Specifications and details for VOA Products can be obtained by contacting MEMSCAP at [email protected] or by contacting our office in North Carolina, USA.
MEMSCAP is the leading provider of innovative micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)-based solutions. MEMSCAP standard and custom products and solutions include components, component designs (IP), manufacturing and related services. MEMSCAP customers include Fortune 500 businesses, major research institutes and universities. More information on the company's products and services can be obtained at
Source: MEMSCAP (press release)
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