Michael J. Fox Foundation Awards Grant to Zymes for Developing Novel Nano-micellar Formulation

(Nanowerk News) Zymes LLC is pleased to announce its selection as recipient of a two-year $476,000 grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation's (MJFF) Therapeutics Development Initiative Fall 2010 Program. The project titled, "Evaluation of the Neuroprotectivity Ability of Zymes' Water-soluble CoQ10 (WS-CoQ10) in Animal Models of PD (Parkinson's disease): Preclinical Validation and Dose Optimizations for Clinical Study" will be conducted by Zymes in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada).
Zymes LLC is developing a novel formulation consisting of nano-micellar complex of CoQ10 and pro-drug form of vitamin E (WS-CoQ10), licensed from the National Research Council Canada. This patented formulation is water-soluble, readily applicable and offers a near-complete protection for dopamine nerve cells in the pre-clinical models of PD as a result of its prophylactic application. In this project, the effectiveness of WS-CoQ10 in halting the progressive loss of dopamine nerve cells, characteristic of PD, will be tested.
"We are very pleased to be able to continue our work in the field of Parkinson's disease and to validate that our water-soluble formulation of CoQ10 and Vitamin E will deliver neuroprotection and slow the progression of PD. The proposed studies should complete our preclinical assessment of WS-CoQ10 formulation in preparation of taking it to clinical trials and ultimately to Parkinson's patients. We thank the MJFF for their generous support of our research," stated Dr. Shelley Weinstock, SVP of Research and Scientific Affairs at Zymes and the principal investigator on the grant.
Vincent A. Morano, Zymes' CEO commented: "We are excited and honored for the recognition of the significant potential of Zymes' technology by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. In addition, we are respectful and appreciative of the tremendous work and contributions of our research partners at the NRC and the University of Windsor. The strong alliance formed by our organizations has been a key factor in our success to date."
The antioxidant CoQ10 has been the subject of investigation as a potentially disease-modifying therapy for PD for years. Based on available evidence, extremely high doses may be required for an effect. This approach is currently being evaluated in a National Institutes of Health funded clinical study vetting common formulations of CoQ10 as a Parkinson's treatment. Zymes' formulation may increase CoQ10's efficacy in the brain allowing for its use at lower dosages.
The results of both studies should help researchers more fully understand the potential of CoQ10 as a disease-modifying therapy for PD.
For further information on Zymes or its technologies, please contact (201) 727-1520 or visit www.zymesllc.com.
Source: Zymes (press release)
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