Posted: June 4, 2007

Draft law on nanotechnology corporation submitted to Russian parliament

(Nanowerk News) A draft law authorising the creation of a nanotechnology corporation in Russia has been submitted to the State Duma.
The corporation will seek to implement scientific, technological and innovation policies, and facilitate the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in Russia, the development of innovative infrastructure, and the implementation of nanotechnology and nanoindustry projects, one of the authors of the draft law, Yelena Panina, said on Monday.
In April First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said Russia would soon set up a state-run corporation to develop the nanotechnology industry and control funds allocated to this industry.
“The president has suggested setting up a state corporation to control these funds. The corporation can also attract private capital for these projects,” he said.
“We will also create a council on nanotechnologies soon. I am forming it now and it will include parliamentarians from the two houses and experts from non-governmental organisations,” he said.
“It is really a mega project. Nanotechnologies can change Russia’s economy,” Ivanov said.
He pointed out that a program for the development of nanotechnology infrastructure will be adopted soon, too.
“The president has instructed the government to allocate additional 100 billion roubles for the implementation of the mega project,” Ivanov said.
President Vladimir Putin said the state would not spare money for nanotechnology, a key element in the development of the defence and other industries.
“This is the area of activity where the state will spare no money,” Putin said at Moscow’s Kurchatov Institute on Wednesday.
“The question is that work should be organised properly and funds are used effectively,” he said.
“Funds have to be invested effectively and produce expected results. It is very important how work is organised,” the president said. “We provided big money but it has to be invested and used effectively and bring results,” Putin said.
“It’s hard to understand what nanotechnologies are,” Ivanov said. “Even leading scientists do not fully understand all effects of the development of nanotechnologies,” he said.
“It’s like when we created an atomic bomb we did not understand that it would lead to the rapid development of atomic energy and floating nuclear power plants,” Ivanov noted.
In his view, there are no doubts about the future benefits of nanotechnologies.
Ivanov believes that the development of nanotechnologies can change the Russian economy radically.
He named several sectors where nanotechnologies play a big role from the scientific and commercial points of view, including energy, metallurgy, energy saving technologies, medicine, and of new fibres.
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