NanoPhotonica Develops Breakthrough Technology for QLED Flat Panel Displays

(Nanowerk News) NanoPhotonica, a developer of advanced materials, has perfected realizable, breakthrough QLED display technology that it is commercializing for mass production.
The company's S-QLED technology improves on the picture quality and power consumption achieved by recently introduced OLED displays, while significantly reducing cost and improving lifetime well beyond what OLED can achieve. NanoPhotonica's materials and design solution is cost-effective on the full range of displays from smartphones to large devices like TVs.
NanoPhotonica is currently working with several leading display manufacturers to commercialize devices based on its proprietary technology. Work at independent laboratories previously identified key performance advantages.
"Most current electronic products have LCD displays that are power hogs and provide picture quality that, as we all know, leaves a lot to be desired," explains CEO Dr. Christopher Morton. "Improvements have been made in image quality with the newer OLED technology, but high manufacturing costs, yield limitations and limited lifetime make it expensive and challenging for all but the smallest devices."
Displays made using NanoPhotonica S-QLED technology will provide better picture technology than OLED, use 30 per cent less power, will be priced up to 75 per cent lower and last twice as long. The technology's versatility across all display sizes is made possible through cost-effective ink jet printing that requires no vacuum deposition.
"NanoPhotonica has a game-changing approach to the materials, design and manufacture for displays," adds Morton. "We're excited by the benefits we bring to the industry and by the response we have had from major display producers worldwide. Our focus is to accelerate work with existing and new display partners to bring this QLED technology to market soon. Our materials are enabling similar advances in the solar industry, and we intend to announce more about those programs shortly."
About NanoPhotonica
NanoPhotonica, based in Orlando, FL, brings innovative nanomaterials and production techniques to enable market-altering improvements to a range of photoelectric applications, including displays, solar panels and other electronic device industries.
Source: NanoPhotonica (press release)
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