JSR and IBM Research to Present New Directed Self-Assembly Technology at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2011

(Nanowerk News) JSR Corporation, along with its US operations, JSR Micro, Inc., announced today a new directed self-assembly (DSA) technology for the sub-20nm half-pitch node. Developed as part of an ongoing research agreement with IBM Research – Almaden, the new technology eliminates dual exposure steps and is compatible with conventional 193nm lithography equipment, holding the potential for shorter processing times and lower cost of ownership. Details of the technology will be presented at the upcoming SPIE Advanced Lithography 2011.
The continued growth of the semiconductor industry and shrinking design nodes has spurred the development of new innovative lithography patterns. Using a proprietary polymer system, that differs from existing and widely used block co-polymer technology, this newly designed structure has shown good test results for 22nm half-pitch patterning and allows for excellent phase separation, resulting in good profiles and more flexible use in both logic and memory applications.
"This DSA technology is a highly viable solution for the key sub-20nm half-pitch threshold where it can become complementary to prevailing technologies such as EUV," said JSR Micro, Inc. President Eric R. Johnson. "We see the potential for its integration with a broad application set and are committed to our ongoing relationship with IBM to develop impactful lithography technologies."
Details of the DSA technology will be presented in a paper at the upcoming SPIE Advanced Lithography 2011 Symposium:

Polymer blends for patterning applications

Paper 7972-28

Tuesday, March 1, 4:50 PM - 5:10 PM

Author(s): Hayato Namai, Yoshi Hishiro, Kentaro Goto, JSR Micro, Inc. (United States); Kyouyuu Yasuda, Yoshikazu Yamaguchi, JSR Corp. (Japan); Joy Y. Cheng, Daniel P. Sanders, Ratnam Sooriyakumaran, Alexander M. Friz, IBM Almaden Research Ctr. (United States)
Source: JSR Micro (press release)
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