iVeia Announces the Atlas-I-Z7e Small Form Factor Processing Module

(Nanowerk News) At Embedded World 2011, iVeia today announced the Atlas-I-Z7e™, a small form factor processing module featuring the newly launched Zynq™ -7000 Extensible Processing Platform from Xilinx. The Zynq devices integrate 28-nm FPGA technology with embedded dual ARMŽ Cortex™-A9 processors enabling a new level of performance for low-power applications. The Atlas-I-Z7e is nearly half the size of a credit card with a Xilinx Zynq-7020 device, 512MB of LPDDR2 memory, USB 2.0 OTG, Secure Digital (microSD/SDHC) memory card, audio and more, as well as a number of soft peripherals options available from iVeia and Xilinx. The Atlas-I-Z7e is fully supported by embedded Linux and Android with distributions available from iVeia.
The Atlas-I-Z7e supports iVeia's Velocity Embedded Hybrid Framework (Velocity-EHF)™, a portability layer iVeia offers with all of its products. "The Velocity-EHF has just recently enabled one of our key customers to port their application from our PowerPC™/Virtex™-5 FPGA Titan-V5e™ product to our ARM/Spartan-6 FPGA Atlas-I-LPeTM product in only one day," said Michael Fawcett, CTO of iVeia. "The Velocity-EHF is being fully optimized for the advanced Zynq-7000 family architecture and I expect to see a significant performance improvement for many of our customers."
The Atlas-I-Z7e is the latest addition to iVeia's Atlas family of low-power, small form factor COTS processing modules. Atlas modules are form-factor and electrically compatible, so Atlas applications can benefit from frequent technology refreshes as new modules become available from iVeia. Market-specific development kits are available for the Atlas family of products that provide a complete path from development to deployment.
Look for live demos of the Atlas-I-Z7e in Q4 2011, and production availability in 2012. Customers interested in the Atlas-I-Z7e and the Velocity-EHF can begin development on iVeia's Altas-I-LPe.
Source: iVeia (press release)
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