DEK Expands Applications and Engineering Capability in the Americas

(Nanowerk News) Building on its solid reputation for facilitating next-generation SMT and semiconductor print processes, DEK today announced that it has further expanded its Americas engineering capabilities with the investment of additional resource to support the company's growing alternative energies business. Experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment have been added to DEK's San Jose, California-based engineering lab in response to growing demand from both start-up and established alternative energy businesses.
For over 40 years, the DEK Americas solutions engineering team has developed high throughput, high accuracy print processes for some of the most innovative new technologies that range from semiconductor to RFID to SMT. Now, the inherent efficiency, precision and speed of DEK's screen and stencil printing processes are enabling modern solar and fuel cell applications as well.
Andy Ure, a DEK staff member for over 20 years, is leading the DEK Solar Americas team and overseeing alternative energy applications projects. "The R&D work that we are facilitating in this lab is impressive and market-changing," explains Ure. "We are helping companies find more efficient methods for materials deposition, which ultimately saves them and their customers time and money while delivering a far more optimized and repeatable process. As a case-in-point, DEK just completed a wafer-level project that will enable a new handheld technology. For this particular application, the techniques afforded by printing will allow for as many as ten dispensers to be replaced with a single print system. The reduced footprint, increased throughput, repeatability and efficiency our printing techniques have delivered in other markets are also being embraced in the alternative energies sector."
Though the lab capabilities were only recently expanded, the DEK Solar team has already engaged with numerous alternative energy companies to progress their technology roadmaps as they seek cost-effectiveness and differentiation in an increasingly competitive market space. DEK Solar's extensive expertise has delivered solutions for printing materials such as silver pastes, solders, epoxies and adhesives on a variety of substrates including glass, ceramic, stainless steel and crystalline silicon. This broad knowledge base arguably provides a distinct advantage for alternative energy companies as they continue to develop higher efficiency technologies that challenge traditional grid power costs.
"The companies we have partnered with for development work view DEK Solar's lab as an integral and cost-effective element of their R&D initiatives," comments Ure. "By leveraging our decades of materials deposition expertise, alternative energy specialists can progress their R&D efforts far more efficiently and effectively. DEK's track record in the SMT and semiconductor markets is undisputable and our work in the alternative energies sector is already making its mark."
For more information on DEK Solar's applications expertise and California-based lab facilities, please call 408-209-3202. Details regarding DEK Solar's stencil, screen and platform solutions for alternative energy processes can be obtained by calling 480-584-9502.
About DEK Solar
DEK is a global provider of next-generation technologies and process support to solar cell manufacturers with solutions that include modular metallization platforms, precision screens and materials applications used in back side field coating, current-collector pattern and termination deposition for photovoltaic substrate production. For more information, visit DEK Solar at
Source: DEK Solar (press release)
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