Asylum Research Presents Cypher United Kingdom and Ireland Scan Tour for Spring 2011

(Nanowerk News) Asylum Research, the technology leader in scanning probe and atomic force microscopy (SPM/AFM), announces the continuation of the Cypher AFM Scan Tour that will take place at the University of Southampton, March 29-31, and University College Dublin, April 5-7. Each day's agenda will include a presentation of Cypher's unique features and allow attendees to "look inside the box" and really get to grips with Cypher's revolutionary design. Attendees are invited to bring their samples for individual demonstrations of Cypher in real-time, and to experience the unique capabilities of the world's highest resolution AFM, including closed loop atomic resolution, fast scanning, and advanced ease-of-use features such as SpotOn™ automatic laser and photodiode alignment.
Three slots will be available each day for attending groups to assess their own samples using their scanning modes of choice. Please contact Chris Mulcahy for additional information (+44(0)1869 255775, [email protected]) to register. Registration is free and all interested parties are welcome. Attendance is limited so early registration is recommended.
apping/AC mode image of calcite in water, 15nm scan, 1Å height scale
Tapping/AC mode image of calcite in water, 15nm scan, 1Å height scale. The point defects remained visible through several images, demonstrating Cypher's true atomic resolution.
Dr. Chris Mulcahy, Managing Director of Asylum Research UK Ltd. Commented, "We are thrilled to be taking to the road again with Cypher in Southampton and at UCD, Ireland. Our Tour last autumn was very well received with many scientists captivated by Cypher's fast scanning, ease-of-use and superior closed-loop resolution, imaging and measurement accuracy. We can't wait to impress more of our region's AFM users on this second set of tour dates."
Added Dr. Laurent Bozec of the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN), "We were delighted to host a team of researchers from Asylum Research to the LCN in London to demonstrate the capabilities of their new Cypher atomic force microscope. During this three-day event, our researchers had the chance to try this new high resolution microscope and were left with a very positive experience. I believe Cypher is one of if not the best high performance AFM on the market. It shines by its combination of high-resolution and ease of use." Figure Caption: Tapping/AC mode image of calcite in water, 15nm scan, 1Å height scale. The point defects remained visible through several images, demonstrating Cypher's true atomic resolution.
About Asylum Research
Asylum Research is the technology leader in atomic force and scanning probe microscopy (AFM/SPM) for both materials and bioscience applications. Founded in 1999, we are an employee owned company dedicated to innovative instrumentation for nanoscience and nanotechnology, with over 250 years combined AFM/SPM experience among our staff. Our instruments are used for a variety of nanoscience applications in material science, physics, polymers, chemistry, biomaterials, and bioscience, including single molecule mechanical experiments on DNA, protein unfolding and polymer elasticity, as well as force measurements for biomaterials, chemical sensing, polymers, colloidal forces, adhesion, and more. Asylum's product line offers imaging and measurement capabilities for a wide range of samples, including advanced techniques such as electrical characterization (CAFM, KFM, EFM), high voltage piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM), thermal analysis, quantitative nanoindenting, and a wide range of environmental accessories and application-ready modules.
Asylum's MFP-3D set the standard for AFM technology, with unprecedented precision and flexibility. The MFP-3D is the first AFM with true independent piezo positioning in all three axes, combined with low noise closed-loop feedback sensor technology. The MFP-3D offers both top and bottom sample viewing and easy integration with most commercially-available inverted optical microscopes.
Asylum's new Cypher AFM is the world's first new small sample AFM/SPM in over a decade, and sets the new standard as the world's highest resolution AFM. Cypher provides low-drift closed loop atomic resolution for the most accurate images and measurements possible today, >20X faster AC imaging with small cantilevers, Spot-On™ automated laser and photodetector alignment for easy setup, integrated thermal, acoustic and vibration control, and broad support for all major AFM/SPM scanning modes and capabilities.
Asylum Research offers the lowest cost of ownership of any AFM company. Ask us about our industry-best 2-year warranty, our legendary product and applications support, and our exclusive 6-month money-back satisfaction guarantee. We are dedicated to providing the most technically advanced AFMs for researchers who want to take their experiments to the next level. Asylum Research also distributes third party cantilevers from Olympus, Nanoworld/Nanosensors, and our own MFM and iDrive™ tips.
For additional information, contact Terry Mehr, Director of Marketing Communications, or Monteith Heaton, EVP, Marketing/Business Development, Asylum Research, 6310 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93117, 805-696- 6466x224/227, [email protected], [email protected],
Source: Asylum Research (press release)
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