Voelkl Tennis Launches Organix Racquet Technology With Carbon Nanotubes

(Nanowerk News) Epic Sports International, Inc., a global sports brand management firm and worldwide licensee for Völkl Tennis and Boris Becker Tennis today announced the launch of their Organix Racquet Technology, a revolutionary product line featuring combinations of high technology carbon nanotubes and organic materials and a cutting edge handle system, designed to enhance power and feel for all players. The Organix product line by Völkl, will debut on March 8th in specialty stores and pro shops worldwide with a suggested retail price between $230 - $250 (USD).
The new Organix product line includes five racquet models designed for all levels of tennis enthusiasts and was developed by Völkl in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute in Munich, Germany. The new racquets all feature three new technologies: 1) Bio Sensor Handle System to provide active dampening to reduce vibration an additional 15% over the previous model; 2) Organix, which is a fusion of DNX carbon nanotubes and organic cellulose materials to increase dynamic power by 30%; and 3) Optispot, which provides players with the ability to hit 40% more balls in the sweet spot.
"Organix is the next generation technology platform which gives Völkl customers a comprehensive, highly technical and superior performing racquet to fully connect the players' mind, body and racquet," said Brian Dillman, vice president and general manager of Epic Sports International. "We look forward to another year of fast growth and high-level consumer visibility with Völkl on track to be the fastest-growing tennis brand worldwide," continued Dillman.
Moreover, the Organix 10 295g and Organix 10 325g were recently awarded Test Winner accolades by German Tennis Magazine and Deutschland Tennis Zeitung, respectively. For a complete description of all the new Organix products, please visit www.volkltennis.com or follow us on Facebook at volkltennis or on twitter @volkltennis.
About Epic Sports International, Inc.
Epic Sports International, Inc., a subsidiary of Amincor, Inc., is a global sports brand management firm and the worldwide licensee for Völkl and Boris Becker Tennis. Products for Völkl and Boris Becker Tennis are available throughout the world in more than 30 countries.
Völkl has been manufacturing tennis rackets for nearly 40 years. Founded on German high-tech engineering, Völkl products consistently earn top awards for technology and playability. Völkl tennis products include high performance tennis rackets, strings, bags, grips and other equipment.
A six-time Grand Slam champion, Boris Becker founded his own brand of premium tennis products and apparel in 2003. Epic Sports International, Inc. creates, promotes and sells Boris Becker branded products worldwide. For more information, about Völkl Tennis, please visit www.volkltennis.com.
Source: Epic Sports International (press release)
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