IVAM Product Market "Micro, Nano and Materials" at MicroNanoTec/HANNOVER MESSE 2011

(Nanowerk News) This spring, the IVAM Product Market "Micro, Nano & Materials" at MicroNanoTec/HANNOVER MESSE again presents the highlight exhibits of leading companies in this industry. More than 40 exhibitors from seven countries show cross-industrial innovations from the fields of silicon or semiconductor technologies, from microfluidics, metrology, optics and nanotechnology. The joint pavilion is organized by the IVAM Microtechnology Network.
Just as in the previous years, IVAM lines up the forum "Innovations for Industry" again, whose individual sessions will be dedicated to the various major topics the IVAM Product Market features.
The exhibition will include numerous product highlights, which are introduced in the following overview.
Intelligent sensor systems
Beside a wide range of products in the areas of sensors, housing-technology and connectors 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG shows the latest developments of MID technology at the IVAM Product Market "Micro, Nano & Materials" at MicroNanoTec/HANNOVER MESSE. Among other things, the company presents a new flow sensor which has been developed in collaboration with the institute HSG-IMIT, MicroMountains Applications AG and Gruner AG. Target of the project was to optimize the sensor concept and the assembling technology regarding reliability, dimensions and costs. With the MID-based solution all targets could be reached. 2E shows other innovations, for example a light element for different applications based on LED and MID technology.
This year, the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS shows smart microsystems for condition monitoring at the HANNOVER MESSE. A grease sensor for quality monitoring of greases was developed together with Schaeffler Group and Freudenberg Dichtungs- und Schwingungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The sensor is directly integrated in rolling bearings, where it measures the condition of the grease. For this purpose an optical near infrared reflection method is being developed by the Fraunhofer ENAS. Moreover, the Fraunhofer ENAS presents measurement equipment for gas analyses in medical and automotive applications. The core component, a tuneable Fabry Perot filter, has been developed in cooperation with the Center for Microtechnologies of Chemnitz University of Technology.
HSG-IMIT presents a sensor system to measure the head movement for virtual-reality environments at the MicroNanoTec 2011. An example for this application is the topic sensor fusion. The aim of sensor fusions is to connect the information of different sensors in a preferably optimal way and thereby to consider the knowledge of arising measurement errors. Therefore, available sensors on the market will be evaluated and the best components for the customers' application will be chosen. Besides the development of sensor systems / sensor fusions, the HSG-IMIT supports companies in development and optimization of single sensor components.
Acuity, Incorporated, a fabless provider of stable high-performance MEMS pressure sensors, is now shipping a next generation of very stable low-pressure sensors with pressure ratings down to 2.5 mbar full-scale. The product line includes pressure dies for OEM sensor customers and fully packaged and amplified parts targeted at low-pressure instrumentation in industrial measurement, medical and HVAC applications. "Our customers have been particularly pleased with the very low zero-drift and tight parameter distribution of our silicon pressure sensor series," commented Jim Knutti, President of Acuity, Inc. "We developed this product line in direct response to customer demand for substantial improvement in stability and performance at very low-pressures while maintaining the cost advantages of a silicon MEMS sensor. Our parts fit directly into many existing pressure sensor sockets providing added stability, performance and uniformity over existing parts".
Precision for industrial manufacturing
CDA Datenträger Albrechts GmbH originally was a producer of optical media. Using the knowledge gained in this sector, CDA has been manufacturing products for the micro-optic and microfluidics industry for years, partially in mass production. Therefore CDA has adopted additional production technologies which are an expedient supplement to their competence and skills. These mainly apply to products made of plastic with functional surfaces, but have already been implemented in metallic applications, too. Rapid-Prototyping operations complete the wide portfolio of CDA.
KUGLER GmbH is one of the few ultra-precision machining center manufacturers continuously employing state-of-the-art technologies, e.g. linear drives with an extreme dynamic or air-/oil-bearing guiding systems. KUGLER offers a unique micro machining portfolio covering all the phases of nanotechnology. Ultra-precision machining systems made by KUGLER are used to achieve surface roughness values of less than 3nm and dimensional accuracies of 0.1µm.Typical applications are, for example, the production of optical systems or the manufacturing of high-precision molding tools for volume-production of lenses.
IMS, part of the Dutch WWINN group, promotes the product "ProFast4G" in Hannover: a modular platform for the production of small and complex products. "ProFast4G" has the ability to assemble these small, complex products at very high speeds (more than 100.000 pieces a day) and because of its modular and generic build-up, can be developed and realized within short lead times. The production systems are made up of configurable production cells and processing and process modules specially designed for small optomechanical and electromechanical components for mobile phones, medical products and automobile sensors. "ProFast4G" represents the future of accurate, high-tech assembly of a large variety of advanced, complex products.
Industrial solutions for positioning
Beside the high-resolution modules and numerous applications of the ultrasonic motors, Elliptec Resonant Actuator AG presents an equally easy and brilliant application in the field of human-machine interfaces this year. Elliptec shows how the modules can operate as intelligent input devices with haptic feedback that represents a new class of control dials and slide controls. In addition, the first FDA-cleared medical laser for domestic use is shown. Elliptec builds its positioning system and thus proves its strength in product development.
Dispensing with micro precision
The new development of microdrop Technologies is the "Autodrop Gantry System". It provides the customer with a high degree of automated production processes, the possibility to place large substrates or microtiter plates and to adapt it into industrial feeding systems. Multiple application fields like biochips or solar cells make the "Autodrop Gantry System" especially interesting. The system can be used e.g. with the new pipette. The longer designed glass capillary enables a dipping up to 9,5mm. The filling level inside is well readable at any time by using a transparent body, while easy cleaning and quick liquid changes are further advantages. microdrop Technologies GmbH can be found in hall 6/ booth 18/ E1.
Nanoscale insight: high-resolutions metrology
Surface Analysis at HANNOVER MESSE: a detailed view at surface structures is provided to booth visitors by Fries Research & Technology (FRT), specialist for high-resolution and non-destructive surface measurements. Individuals may bring their samples along with their visit to the world's largest industry exhibition. FRT experts will conduct free test measurements of 3D topography or 2D profile of samples with micro and nanometer resolution. FRT is located on the joint booth of IVAM "Micro, Nano & Materials" in hall 6, booth H18/C1.
Alicona Imaging GmbH from Austria presents the optical high-resolution 3D measurement system "InfiniteFocus". This system is made for quality assurance in the lab and in production. The micro coordinate measurement system by Alicona combines all functionalities of a coordinate measurement machine with that of a surface measurement device. Users measure both, form and roughness with only one system. Measurements reach a vertical resolution of up to 10nm even across large vertical and lateral measurement areas. This high resolution is also achieved when measuring complex shapes with steep flanks, very small radii or strongly varying reflection properties. This also allows the measurement of compound materials. Typical applications are e.g. the form and roughness measurement of micro precision components.
Polytec's innovative, non-contact optical metrology enables the systematic testing of dynamic mechanical properties of micro systems and static topography of general semiconductor structures and devices. Polytec provides measurement solutions for both R&D and quality control applications in the production process.
Laser welding: proven laser technology for industrial applications
Power electronics are, next to battery technology, a key technology for electric mobility. The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT has developed a process for joining load terminals with laser micro welding in order to contact power electronics. By applying local power modulation in a micro-welding process, its researchers can now adjust the current-carrying cross section variably. This way, the load terminals can be joined fast and reliably. Furthermore, the Fraunhofer ILT has opened up new perspectives for laser welding of transparent plastics. The combination of new laser sources with the TWIST-process enables a new and economical production process, especially for medical technology.
LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH presents solutions for plastic laser welding which make sure that pitting and bubbles are a thing of the past. "Bidding farewell to the norm of quasi-simultaneous welding with a spot shaped laser beam is beneficial in many ways", emphasizes Dr. Paul Harten of the management team at LIMO in Dortmund. He is referring to plastic welding with tailor-made micro-optics that facilitates genuine simultaneous welding at low costs per piece. The method has already been tried and tested in the automotive sector in manufacturing lines for fuel supply, for instance. The laser places the welded seams extremely quickly, reliably and with clearly lower tolerances. Visitors to the IVAM joint pavilion at HANNOVER MESSE will be able to discover the details of this method and other highlights in Hall 6 at stand H18/F5.
Energy harvesting
Within the special "Energy-Harvesting" area, HSG-IMIT presents energy harvesting for wireless sensor systems with vibration generators in mWatt. HSG-IMIT supports companies in development and production of innovative components and system solutions for energy self-sufficient mobile applications. Alternative to battery-powered or tethered (wired) electrical energy supply of sensors and systems, HSG-IMIT develops micro technical minimal generators on the basis of various principles. Through the application of low-power/low-voltage technologies, newest µ-processes and the implementation of designs into micro-electronic integrated circuits, the fields of energy production, efficient execution and retention as well as the energy-efficient handling of wireless sensor systems will be completely covered.
Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea GmbH based in Villingen-Schwenningen is the largest motor development centre in the international network of the Japanese Minebea Co. Ltd., Tokyo. As part of the Minebea group, which has 48,000 employees and is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic components, PMDM develops innovative electronically-commutated DC motors and stepper motors. In addition to the core business, the development of spindle motors, the company also develops precision motors used in the fields of automotive and industrial industries.
The development process goes along with the production of modern manufacturing and measurement equipment for series production. After a successful production start, the products are manufactured in great numbers in the Asian manufacturing locations of the Minebea group. PMDM is responsible for basic research and development within the Minebea group. Based on the present competences and technologies of the group, products will be developed which will ensure the group growth for the next years and decades. Some keywords are: BLDC technology, electronic development, energy harvesting and piezo actuators.
Nanotechnology for surfaces and materials
CAN GmbH is an incorporated Center for Applied Nanotechnology, which is located in Hamburg, Germany. CAN offers contract research and development services in the field of nanotechnology to companies and institutions and participates in national and international research programs. These activities are focused on the utilization of new concepts in chemical nanotechnology and nanoanalysis in the areas of consumables, individual polymers and health care products. The main areas of expertise are the production of nanoparticulate and nanocomposite materials like magnetic, conducting, fluorescent, X-ray opaque, metallic and ceramic nanoparticles, the encapsulation of active ingredients and the development and characterization of nanoparticle conjugated biological markers.
Especially regarding the treatment and surface modification of a wide range of materials and shapes, plasma technology has become an important economic factor in the last few years. As central contact point for all R&D-related requests in the field of plasma technology and its interdisciplinary branches, ACC Plasma Technology finds the right on-campus partners for any specific problem. The focus is on the damage-free and residue-free treatment of medical goods and the coating of thermo labile materials (e.g. PET-bottles). Further target markets are e.g. micro-technology (plasma etching) or the automotive industry (corrosion prevention).
Surface technology for product processing
SONOSYS Ultraschallsysteme GmbH provides customer-oriented and future-proof Ultrasonic-/ Megasonic-System solution in the frequency range from 400 kHz to 4 MHz. 15 years of experience in development and production as well as collaborations with internationally renowned research institutes make SONOSYS a competent partner for precision cleaning. As a product novelty the company presents a Megasonic Nozzle with the frequency of 600 kHz. With the new frequency of 600 kHz a much stronger cavitation in the liquid jet allows the cleaning of larger particles and stubborn dirt. A variety of new applications outside the semiconductor industry thereby is opened up such as in optics, medical devices and sensors.
Process enhancement for high-tech companies
iX-factory GmbH is an innovative technical service provider in the area of micro and nano technology. The company's service portfolio consists of the elements MEMS foundry service, prototyping and batch production. iX-factory GmbH delivers singular technical services as well as complex, long-term projects to its customers. Customers from diverse markets benefit from first-class technical service support, based on glass or silicon or both combined. The entire team provides highly flexible and efficient processes without making compromises on quality. Individual and customized solutions are the highest goal of iX-factory GmbH.
LioniX BV, part of a micro/nano technology company group of 70 people, including iX-factory GmbH in Dortmund, is a global leading provider in development and production for its customers in tele/datacom, life sciences, process control and space. The customers include innovative OEM's, VC-funded start-up companies, multi-national corporations, and research institutions. The core technologies of LioniX include integrated optics, micro/nanofluidics and related surface functionalization. The core technologies provide an unparalleled competence in the area of biosensors, Lab/cell-on-a-Chip and micro reactor technology (flow chemistry) for applications in biotech, chemistry, pharmacy, medical, food, water and space. In addition, LioniX' proprietary UV-IR transparent planar waveguide platform, called TriPleX, offers unique performance in optical signal processing for RF communications, spectrometry and other optical detection/sensing techniques.
PhoeniX Software's product "Living Database" increases the efficiency and quality of process development activities. It improves yield by giving clear insight in process and equipment performance. "Living Database" keeps fabrication processes in control and supports operators and engineers with clear instructions. Dedicated to the specific demands of the MNT environment, it supports mixed batches with multiple processes and small lot manufacturing. The added value of this unique solution is improved quality, reduced time to market, enhanced research and automated micro and nano technology fabrication.
International technology development
Micromachine Center (MMC) is a Japanese non-profit organization who supports micro- and nano-related industry development. Following companies are associated as examples: Panasonic, Sony, Omron, Canon, Denso, Fuji and many more. At the MicroNanoTec the MMC informs about the Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS which will present current Japanese research projects in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. For example the exhibition MicroNano2011 provides opportunities for business development with MEMS, nanotechnology and micro-fabrication, all vital sources of industrial competitiveness, providing a wide array of key devices and the latest technologies relevant to research and development, fabrication, quality control and countless other applications. The exhibition will take place July 13-15, 2011 at Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall.
MEMS Industry Group is the trade association advancing MEMS across global markets. Along with its members, Acuity Incorporated and Xactix, MIG will present the US perspective on the MEMS industry on April 5 as part of MicroNanoTec in Hall 6. Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group will present "MEMS Market Opportunities and Developments from a US Perspective", Jim Knutti and Henry Allen from Acuity Incorporated will present "MEMS Sensors; The Next Generation of Accuracy, Stability and Performance" and David Springer from Xactix will present "Highly Selective MEMS Release - A US Perspective". At MIG's booth the visitors learn more about the signature events, MEMS Executive Congress and M2M Member-to-Member Forum and more. MEMS Industry Group is a direct connection to the US MEMS supply chain.
At HANNOVER MESSE, the IVAM Microtechnology Network will demonstrate the advantages it offers to high-tech suppliers. With IVAM's help, about 300 companies and institutes from approx. 20 countries open up innovative markets and set new standards. As a communicative bridge, IVAM accelerates the transfer of innovative ideas into profitable products. Apart from technology marketing, IVAM's activities include lobbying, market research, education and training, and accessing international markets. Current projects will be presented at the IVAM booth in Hanover, in hall 6, booth H16.
Source: IVAM (press release)
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