Next Alternative Files New Patents for Carbon Nano Tube Technology

(Nanowerk News) Robert Ireland, CEO of Next Alternative, Inc., has relayed that the firm is currently delving deeper into Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technology.
New patents filed by Next Alternative (NAI) are technical in nature and deal with the manufacture of an additive for Emulsion Fuel, as well as an additive for batteries.
With the constant rise in oil prices and no end in sight, the quest for an alternative source of energy has been put into high gear. Many industries are recognizing that Emulsion Fuel is emerging as one of the most, if not the most viable solution. NAI has been at the forefront of this technology having produced an Emulsion Fuel mixture at the ratio of 60% petroleum, 40% water and a minimal amount of stabilizing additive. It is this stabilizing agent which uses CNT technology that the firm is focused on in hopes of producing even more efficient and effective mixtures.
NAI is also concentrating heavily on CNT technology within its batteries. By using Carbon Nano Tubes properly, the reserve capacity of a lead acid battery increases by six times and the energy of rechargeable lithium batteries is doubled. This means more power over the battery's lifespan with less charging. According to Ireland, "Times are changing and it is becoming increasingly imperative that we evolve and find new technologies that will address and solve some of the pressing problems regarding energy." He continued by saying, "Carbon Nano Tube technology is definitely a source that is already producing promising results."
Next Alternative Inc. is a break-through company paving the way in the global effort to discover alternative means of energy. Understanding the need to reduce the demand for fossil fuels, Next Alternative is pioneering new methods that provide eco-friendly solutions. Poised on the cutting-edge of new green technologies, Next Alternative strives to develop and offer products that meet the challenges of our new economy. Next Alternative stands as an innovator - bringing existing technologies together and melding them to meet future demand.
Source: Next Alternative (press release)
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