InfiniScale and CEA-Leti Collaboration To Focus on Process-Variability Management in SOI Sub-28nm Technology

(Nanowerk News) CEA-Leti and InfiniScale S.A. today announced they signed a multi-year collaboration agreement to focus on process-variability management in the most aggressive technologies, especially SOI sub-28nm devices.
InfiniScale, the leading provider of model-based parametrical yield analysis and optimization for analog and mixed-signal designs, will provide its LysisTM platform for modeling and yield optimization of design-kit libraries. The Grenoble-based company also brings its know-how on development of a next-generation global solution dedicated to overcoming process variability challenges from front end to back end.
The partnership will tap Leti's design and technological expertise and provide InfiniScale access to Leti's fully depleted silicon on insulator (FD SOI) technology to validate InfiniScale tools with measurements on silicon.
"This collaboration stems from CEA-Leti's recent decision to offer the design community access to our FD SOI technology," said Ahmed Jerraya, Leti's program manager for hardware/software integration. "Working with InfiniScale is an opportunity for us to enrich our design-tools offer by providing our partners with design kit libraries of yield- optimized circuit blocks."
"Collaborating with Leti's world-leading design and technology teams is an important step for InfiniScale, and it will be decisive in the development of our next-generation solution for the most aggressive sub-28nm technologies," said Firas Mohamed, founder and CEO of InfiniScale. "With those technologies, process variability becomes critical at different levels, and it is especially important to focus on FD SOI, whose importance for major semiconductor companies is growing constantly."
About CEA-Leti
CEA is a French research and technology organization, with activities in four main areas: energy, information technologies, healthcare technologies and defense and security. Within CEA, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology (CEA-Leti) works with companies in order to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfers. CEA-Leti is focused on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology and healthcare or photonics. Nanoelectronics and microsystems (MEMS) are at the core of its activities. As a major player in MINATEC campus, CEA-Leti operates 8,000-mē state-of-the-art clean rooms, on 24/7 mode, on 200mm and 300mm wafer standards. With 1,200 employees, CEA-Leti trains more than 190 Ph.D. students and hosts 200 assignees from partner companies. Strongly committed to the creation of value for the industry, CEA-Leti puts a strong emphasis on intellectual property and owns more than 1,700 patent families. Visit
About InfiniScale SA
InfiniScale provides a unique variation-aware custom IC design solution dedicated to analysis and optimization of performances and parametric yield for analog and mixed-signal designs.
InfiniScale LysisTM flow enables variation-aware design methods that can accurately and promptly estimate the risks into variation-sensitive devices and then helps reduce or possibly remove these risks. With LysisTM, the designer is able to run 1 million MC in seconds, to visualize PVT influence on performances in real-time, and to optimize parametric yield in an hour. InfiniScale works with several major semiconductor companies and R&D centers in the area of behavioral modeling, power management, memories and mixed-signal designs. InfiniScale has offices and partner offices in France, USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and Singapore. Founded in 2005, the privately held company is headquartered in Grenoble, France. For further information, please visit
Source: CEA-Leti (press release)
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