Time Interval Counter with 1 Picosecond Single-Shot Accuracy

(Nanowerk News) Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is excited to introduce the Model 1120 Time Interval Counter (TIC). The Model 1120 represents a breakthrough in signal measurement with 1pS resolution on a single-shot. For repetitive waveforms, the jitter is typically 10 ps. The start and stop inputs allow for a wide dynamic threshold range and as well as slope select.
"Setting a threshold for the input trigger reduces the likelihood of a false ready", stated Test Engineer, Mark Slattery. "The controls via ethernet are convenient for reproducing a test routine or automating setup tasks."
The Model 1120 includes a simple, front panel interface to allow researchers to modify setup parameters without the need for a remote PC interface. The recorded data is stored in the Model 1120's non-volatile RAM for later readout (front panel or Ethernet).
Event counting up to 10MHz is standard with the Model 1120 for periodic and aperiodic counting requirements. The event counter has a range of 10,000,000 counts and provides front panel or remote data reporting based on the setup parameters selected.
The ability to capture and measure signals is fundamental to Berkeley Nucleonics. The company's flagship Pulse and Digital Delay Generators offer sub-nanosecond timing control of up to 32 edges in a single digital delay generator. High Voltage Pulse Generators allow users to select amplitudes up to 800V with fast rise times and nanosecond delay and width resolution. Light Pulse Generators provide optical and electrical outputs with 100mW of light at wavelengths from 450nm to 1580nm. More details on the complete benchtop line of test equipment is available at http://www.berkeleynucleonics.com or 800-234-7858.
About Berkeley Nucleonics
Berkeley Nucleonics was founded in 1963 as a spin-off of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in Berkeley, California. The company manufactures lines of instrumentation for medical, nuclear, physics and chemistry fields. Customers are serviced by a network of approximately 50 international and domestic agents and service centers. The company is routinely cited for contributions to the advanced research of US federal agencies and various large academic institutions. New products for 2011 include a 16 Channel Pulse and Delay Generator, an Arbitrary Waveform Generator, a 40pS Universal Counter / Time Interval Counter and a growing line of 100MHz 500MHz Oscilloscopes.
Source: Berkeley Nucleonics (press release)
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