Serefex Announces Photocatalyst Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Serefex Corporation announced today that it has begun marketing a line of exterior photocatalyst nanotechnology through its master distribution agreement with Rochester Hills, MI based Triton Technology Group. Serefex's agreement with Triton provides it with a product line of technological solutions designed to restore and maintain a building's healthy environment.
Brian Dunn, President, and CEO of Serefex said, "As previously stated in an earlier release, we are bringing to market products that will help promote and sustain a healthy building environment. Triton's products do just that on the exterior of the building. Whether it is the roof, the sides of the building, or the surrounding exterior, Tritons products, through its self-cleaning photocatalyst technology, utilizes the sun's ultra violet rays to prevent the growth of algae, mold, and bacteria. It also breaks down new deposits of grease, oil, grime, bacteria, algae, and other harmful deposits. These solutions will not yellow over time and maintains the surface's original color.
"One significant area of market opportunity that we are focusing on is restoring and maintaining a roofs reflectivity. Over time, white roofs collect dirt, grime, algae, bacteria, and other growths and become grey or even black in areas, thereby substantially reducing a roofs reflectivity. This substantial decrease in reflectivity, as calculated in the Department of Energy's Cool Roof Calculator, directly correlates to significant increases in a building's energy consumption. Triton's products, in combination with the sun's UV rays prevents a white roof from losing its reflectivity, which in turn maximizes the roof's energy savings capabilities."
Mr. Dunn furthered, "The next time that you fly on a plane, I would encourage everyone to look down on the buildings below. You will see numerous roofs that where once white but now are varying shades of grey to black. Due to their loss of reflectivity, these buildings are wasting considerable energy, which we can now remedy."
For additional information, shareholders are encouraged to e-mail Serefex at [email protected] They have started an overhaul of their existing website and are looking forward to its re-launch shortly.
Source: Serefex (press release)
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