Bruker Launches the S8 DRAGON - a Compact, Next-Generation, Truly Simultaneous XRF Spectrometer for the Metals Industry

(Nanowerk News) At Pittcon 2011, Bruker launches the novel S8 DRAGON™, the first truly simultaneous X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer for precise, high-speed elemental analysis for process control in metal production and foundries. The S8 DRAGON offers high quantitative precision in combination with elemental flexibility for up-to-date production control, covering almost all elements of the periodic table in a single, rapid measurement.
Bruker S8 DRAGON XRF spectrometer
The key to this innovation is the unique design of the S8 DRAGON, combining proven single element channels with the new Multielement Channel™. With 4 kW high excitation power and dedicated element channels, the S8 DRAGON delivers unmatched precision for essential elements in metal production, while its innovative Multielement Channel simultaneously analyzes the additional elemental fingerprint, all in one run in less than 40 seconds. This advantage compared to conventional simultaneous XRF spectrometers brings essential benefits for process control in steel and non-ferrous metal production. With its unique parallel data acquisition in dual mode, the S8 DRAGON offers enhanced data safety for better cost efficiency due to improved process control.

The S8 DRAGON utilizes Bruker's TouchControl™ for ease of use and reliability. TouchControl enables multilingual (English, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.), simple and essentially fail-safe operation via an integrated touch screen, thus requiring minimal user training.

The footprint of the S8 DRAGON is more than 25% smaller compared to traditional, bulky simultaneous XRF spectrometers. It easily fits into most laboratories for daily routine work. With its automation interface, the S8 DRAGON seamlessly integrates into various types of laboratory automation, including automated sample preparation and LIMS.
"The S8 DRAGON meets and exceeds the expectations of the metals industry for ultimate precision and reliability. In less than 40 seconds, process engineers are fully informed about the elemental composition and quality of their materials," stated Dr. Kai Behrens, XRF Product Manager of Bruker AXS. "The S8 DRAGON is a novel, truly simultaneous XRF spectrometer that completes Bruker's comprehensive product portfolio for elemental analysis in metal production and foundries, ranging from handheld XRF instruments for positive material identification, to the S8 TIGER sequential WDXRF for central laboratories all the way to optical emission spectrometers (OES) for process control in all production stages."
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Source: Bruker (press release)
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