Bruker Announces the e-Flash HR - a New High-Resolution EBSD Detector

(Nanowerk News) At Pittcon 2011, Bruker launches the e-FlashHR, a high resolution, high sensitivity detector for electron backscatter diffraction analysis (EBSD) on third party electron microscopes. With close to 2 Megapixels resolution (1600 x 1200 pixels) in conjunction with high quality camera optics yielding minimum pattern distortion, the e-FlashHR is the tool of choice to tackle the most demanding tasks in EBSD analysis, such as low beam current and low acceleration voltage applications, analysis of poorly conducting samples, nano-materials analysis, lattice strain investigation, phase identification and many more.
High resolution and high sensitivity detector e-FlashHR for electron backscatter diffraction analysis (EBSD)
High resolution and high sensitivity detector e-FlashHR for electron backscatter diffraction analysis (EBSD).
The e-FlashHR complements Bruker's high speed EBSD detector version e-Flash1000, further increasing the versatility of the Bruker high-performance CrystAlign™ EBSD system. Like its high speed counterpart, the e-FlashHR detector provides vertical shifting of the fluorescent screen during electron microscope operation, allowing the analysis of both large and very small samples, at varying working distances and magnifications. The e-FlashHR detector features a software-controlled, high precision motor drive with a travel length of 250 mm. Detector motion monitoring is integrated in a multi-level safety architecture which includes an LED screen position indicator, as well as visual and audio alarms. Should the phosphor screen accidentally come into contact with the sample or the stage, the detector automatically retracts. This protects the detector from damage and the user can easily replace the phosphor screen.
The e-FlashHR can be equipped with ARGUS™, Bruker's unique forescattered electron (FSE) / backscattered electron (BSE) imaging system. Consisting of 5 electron detectors arranged above and below the screen, ARGUS™ delivers real-time color FSE images with excellent grain orientation contrast, as well as BSE images for density contrast. The electron images provide very useful supplemental information about the sample under investigation.
"This new EBSD detector once again demonstrates Bruker's expertise in the development of analytical systems for electron microscopy," states Dr. Gert Nolze, Bruker Nano Analytics' Global Product Manager for EBSD. "The e FlashHR detector is a powerful addition to our CrystAlign EBSD system, and can serve a whole range of non-standard applications, where the emphasis is on resolution and sensitivity, rather than acquisition speed. With its ability to record 30 fps at full resolution, and up to 160 fps at 20x20 binning, the e-FlashHR is also the fastest high resolution EBSD detector currently available."
Source: Bruker (press release)
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