Nikon Metrology Introduces the SMZ-745 Stereoscopic Microscope for Use in Industrial and Biomedical Applications

(Nanowerk News) Proving once again that it creates agile, flexible equipment capable of meeting a wide variety of needs in the industrial marketplace, Nikon Metrology, Inc. is pleased to introduce its latest stereoscopic microscope, the SMZ-745. The airtight, anti-electrostatic and anti-mold design of the microscope prevents samples from being damaged by electrostatic discharge, as well as contaminants such as dust and water. This design makes it an excellent option for use in environments where temperature and humidity are high and solid contaminants are prevalent.
Additionally, the microscope is optimized with the Greenough optical system, allowing it to reach a best-in-class zoom ratio: up to 7.5 times. The magnification ranges from 3.35x to 330x when combined with the auxiliary objective lens and eyepiece. It also has a total reflection prism, which results in bright, high-contrast images. In combination a superior working distance up to 115 millimeters and a trinocular optical head ideal for monitoring and as digital imaging – the entire microscope is ergonomically built in order to provide a better usage experience, no matter the scientific discipline.
"From the click-stop knob that helps mark a change in magnification to the ability to add auxiliary objective and eyepiece lenses, every facet of this microscope can be customized so that our customers can create the optimal experience for studying their samples," said Koji Kiribuchi, Marketing Manager for Nikon Metrology, Inc. "It is this flexibility in our systems that makes us such a valued partner to our customers."
This flexible microscope is equally useful in the production environment as it is in the lab. It is especially useful for applications such as PCB assembly, semiconductor fabrication, embryology/IVF, medical device manufacture and quality control, geology, entomology, botany, cell biology, plastics and MEMS, just to name a few. Additionally, its comfortable, ergonomic design makes it ideal in environments where long hours of microscope use are common.
The SMZ-745 also has a number of additional attributes that assist ease of use. It enjoys a zoom range of 0.67x to 5x, which provides the user with a broad observation range. It also has an eyepiece inclination of 45 degrees, as well as an electrostatic decay time of 1,000 volt to 10 volts, in less than .2 seconds. The microscope is certified as JIS/IEC waterproof grade 1.
The SMZ-745 is now available.
About Nikon Metrology
Nikon Metrology offers the most complete and innovative metrology product portfolio, including state-of-the-art vision measuring instruments complemented with optical inspection and mechanical 3D metrology solutions. These reliable and innovative products respond to the advanced inspection requirements of manufacturers active in consumer, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical and other industries. For more information, visit Product-related inquiries may be directed to Nikon Metrology, Inc. at 810-220-4360 or [email protected]
Source: Nikon Metrology (press release)
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