MesoCoat Takes a Giant Step Towards Market Entry

(Nanowerk News) MesoCoat Inc. will celebrate the groundbreaking of a new 11,000 sq. ft. Euclid, Ohio manufacturing plant with a ceremony on April 7, 2011. Construction of this facility is an important leap forward for MesoCoat and will provide space for manufacturing, testing and commercializing a series of groundbreaking new products.
The plant will be built with a single 'CermaClad' production line to manufacture around 10,000 square meters per year of corrosion and wear-resistant clad tubes, pipes and plates. These products can substantially increase the longevity of components in a variety of critical applications, including deep-sea oil and gas production, oil sands production, mining and mineral processing, and nuclear power generation. The Euclid facility will employ state-of-art blasting, application and testing equipment to make these advanced products, which provide substantial cost and time advantages over current alternatives. MesoCoat will also equip the plant with a thermal spray system to commercialize its PComP™ family of products and qualify them for use in the aerospace, oil and gas, mining, and chemical processing industries.
"Through the opening of this plant, we are leveraging our deep industry knowledge and product innovation to build new long-term customer relationships," said MesoCoat CEO Andrew Sherman. "This facility is the first in a series of six manufacturing plants scheduled over the next four to five years in the U.S, Canada, South America and Asia."
MesoCoat expects to complete construction of the Euclid plant in September, 2011. Installation and setup of production equipment will take a further two months. Full-scale production will be underway by the beginning of 2012. Provisions have already been made for an early 2012 expansion of the plant that would double its size.
CermaClad™ is a high-speed cladding process that clads 15-100X faster, is cost competitive and offers better metallurgical properties than the competitive weld or laser cladding processes. CermaClad™ utilizes a high intensity light source, which is effectively an artificial sun, to rapidly fuse protective alloys, metals and ceramic coatings onto steel pipes, plates and bars. The speed of this process ensures that metal cladding can match the line speed of steel mills, and thus reduce lead times for internally clad pipes and tubes, plates and bars by 75-80%; a substantial improvement over current industry standards. CermaClad™ technology shields large surface areas against highly caustic and corrosive environments, where wear and corrosion limit the life of metals. The PComP™ life-extending nanocomposite ceramic-metallic (cermet) coatings are a direct replacement for toxic hard chrome plating, and the very expensive carbide materials used in thermal spray applications, and other spray and fuse applications to impart wear and corrosion resistance, and reduce friction in sliding-wear applications.
Media are invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony, which will take place at 2 p.m. at 24112 Rockwell Dr., Euclid, Ohio. Media inquiries can be made to Anupam Ghildyal at (216) 375-6393.
About MesoCoat
MesoCoat, the new Duracell of the coating industry, is a venture-backed nanotechnology materials science company that is fast becoming a world leader in metal protection and repair through their revolutionary "long life" coating and "high speed" cladding technologies. The company's transformational surface engineering technologies have already been the recipient of three prestigious R&D 100 awards, a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) award for '100 year life coatings for infrastructure', and the NorTech Innovation Award for environmentally friendly coatings. Through partnerships with the Departments of Defense and Energy, and leading Oil and Gas companies; MesoCoat has developed high strength, high toughness ceramic-metallic materials and high speed fusion cladding processes providing unparalleled wear and corrosion resistance; and has verified performance, productivity, and cost benefits with industry leaders in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Energy Generation, and Maritime industries. MesoCoat is now commercializing several of their products and services to address the needs of both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MRO). MesoCoat, a JumpStart, Inc. and Abakan, Inc. Portfolio Company.
Source: MesoCoat (press release)
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