Fluorotronics' Carbon-Fluorine Spectroscopy Platform Hailed by Royal Society of Chemistry

(Nanowerk News) Fluorotronics, Inc., developer of a patented Carbon-Fluorine Spectroscopy platform technology, known as Spectro-Fluor, for molecular detection, measurement and imaging in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science markets, today announced the publication of a ground breaking article: "Development of Carbon-Fluorine Spectroscopy for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications," in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Faraday Discussions. The article was authored by Dr. Bouzid Menaa, Dr. Farid Menaa and Ms. Olga Sharts, distinguished nanotechnology and chemistry experts. Ms. Sharts is also the CEO and founder of Fluorotronics, Inc.
The global organofluorine industry is comprised of diversified markets, including a $1.6 trillion nanotechnology market , which produce and use Carbon-Fluorine (C-F) compounds, molecules, products and materials. These C-F materials require extensive analyses during product research, development, and production. Common analytical methods have traditionally involved molecular labeling with radioactive isotopes or fluorescent dyes, which have limited utility, selectivity, sensitivity, stability and often require expensive safety and precautionary measures. In contrast, Fluorotronics' Spectro-Fluor optical technology uses a family of proprietary devices called PLIRFA™ (Pulsed Laser Isochronic Raman and Fluorescence Apparatus) to measure and analyze compounds, molecules, products and materials that contain Carbon-Fluorine (C-F) bonds.
By discovering the characteristic optical signature of Carbon-Fluorine bonds in the fingerprint spectral area of compounds, molecules, products and materials, Fluorotronics' Spectro-Fluor technology delivers the following benefits:
  • Identifies and eliminates failed drug candidates at an early stage of drug development
  • Provides stable and robust assays, preventing false positive signals from assays
  • Enables the ability to study tissues and other biological matters repetitively without losing samples
  • Identifies several disease and pharmaceutical targets or bio-markers at the same time (multiplexing)
  • Achieves fast results by allowing researchers to obtain data in 0.1 seconds per analysis
  • "The publication of our research in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal confirms the major impact our Spectro-Fluor optical Carbon-Fluorine Spectroscopy will have on pharmaceutical and biomedical industries," said Olga Sharts, CEO and founder, Fluorotronics. "This article demonstrates that our innovative method and technology will become the 'gold standard' for pharmaceutical research, development and applications."
    About Fluorotronics, Inc.
    A pioneer in fluoroanalytical nanotechnology, Fluorotronics, Inc. is the first company to introduce and license a patented Carbon-Fluorine Spectroscopy platform technology, known as Spectro-Fluor, for the molecular detection, measurement and imaging of compounds, materials or molecules that contain Carbon-Fluorine (C-F) bonds. This disruptive technology utilizes a family of pulsed laser-based PLIRFA devices to non-invasively detect C-F bonds and taggants across the entire fluoroorganic industry. Fluorotronics provides efficient, integrated and cost-effective solutions that address the product lifecycle in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science markets. For more information about Fluorotronics, please visit www.fluorotronics.com.
    Source: Fluorotronics (press release)
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