Keraben and NanoPhos Create the Next Generation of Self-cleaning and Antimicrobial Ceramic Tiles

(Nanowerk News) NanoPhos SA, a nanotechnology company, and the leading ceramic tile manufacturer KERABEN co-developed LIFEKER®, an innovative line of self-cleaning and self-sterilizing ceramic tiles. These properties of LIFEKER® tiles are provided by the use of the SurfaShield® coating technology developed by NanoPhos, which is activated simply by the energy of surrounding light (either sunlight or artificial lighting) without the use of dangerous chemicals. The photocatalytic action of SurfaShield® continuously decomposes organic stains and environmental pollutants without being consumed.
The use of this technology protects humans from infectious microbes, eliminates fungus growth and minimizes the use of cleaning and sterilizing products, while it has been estimated that 1000 square meters of LIFEKER® tiles have equal ability to decompose pollutants with 60 trees!
It is interesting to mention that SurfaShield® technology, received the prestigious GAIA award during the 2010 International Building and Construction Show BIG5 in Dubai for its environmentally friendly and innovative profile.
About NanoPhos SA (
NanoPhos SA is a nanotechnology company which focuses on the development of innovative products that protect and waterproof common surfaces. NanoPhos was recognized by Bill Gates as one of the most innovative companies, received the 1st prize for innovation during the prestigious 100% Detail Show in London (2008) and was a GAIA award winner at the BIG5 Show in Dubai (2010). The effectiveness and ease of use of the company's solutions have been rapidly recognized worldwide and today, products are available in more than 25 countries around the globe.
About Keraben Group (
The Keraben Group is a multinational ceramic tiles company that manufactures and sells ceramic tiles, special pieces, accessories, hydromassage systems and shower solutions. Its aim is to create spaces with a unique personality, working to implement ongoing improvements to all its processes, moving forwards in terms of design and quality whilst conserving its close customer relations, guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of customers, employees and suppliers. The Group's international growth has been accompanied by the creation of a vast distribution network based on its own stores and distributors as well as sales offices abroad, placing its products in more than 120 countries.
Source: NanoPhos (press release)
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