Picosun's Plasma-Enhanced ALD (PEALD) Systems Sold On Three Continents

(Nanowerk News) Picosun Oy, Finland-based global manufacturer of state-of-the-art Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems, has launched production of novel, innovative plasma enhanced ALD (PEALD) systems based on highly advanced, customer-proven "ion-free" remote plasma source. Various excited species such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen radicals with zero charge can be generated to broaden the range of ALD process chemistries – especially metal and metal nitride thin films can be deposited at low temperatures with activated species – and the remote source enables processing of even fragile substrates and delicate device structures without plasma damage due to very low ion count but still high reactive species flux.
The novel Picoplasma™ source system (multiple patents pending) can be mounted on existing SUNALE™ ALD reactors or the whole PEALD system can be installed as one compact, small footprint deposition unit of easy implementation, quick maintenance and low cost of ownership. The system can also be fully automated by integrating it into the Picoplatform™ cluster tool with cassette-to-cassette loading via a vacuum load lock. Fast matching and stable power delivery of the plasma unit enable high yields with fast process speed and excellent film uniformity (thickness STD 1.3 % with Al2O3 on silicon, deposited from TMA and oxygen radicals) and conformality in deep trenches up to AR of 48:1. In short, the novel Picosplasma™ tool increases the already top level versatility, customizability and upscalability of Picosun's existing ALD systems.
ALD was invented by Picosun Board Member Dr. Tuomo Suntola in Finland in the early seventies. Picosun Oy is a Finnish, globally operating manufacturer of state-of-the-art ALD systems for micro- and nanotechnology applications, representing continuity to over three decades of ALD reactor design. Picosun's SUNALE™ ALD process tools are used by high profile industries and top research organizations across four continents and the company has redistributors in ca. 30 countries. Picosun Oy is based in Espoo, its manufacturing facilities are located in Kirkkonummi and U.S. headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Picosun Oy is a part of Stephen Industries Inc Oy.
Source: Picosun (press release)
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