Cambrios and Toray Advanced Film to Collaborate on Complete Line of Transparent Conductive PET Films

(Nanowerk News) Cambrios Technologies Corporation announced today that it has reached an agreement to provide Cambrios ClearOhm™ coating materials to Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd. of Japan, part of the Toray group, which provides innovative materials and components globally. Toray Advanced Film, the world's leading supplier of various base films and cutting-edge processed film products, will use ClearOhm material to produce a line of transparent conductive PET films. Among other uses, transparent conductive films are a high value component of touch screens, including the projected capacitive type used in smart phones and tablet computers. Toray has also made a strategic investment in Cambrios.
Toray Advanced Film will leverage its film and coating expertise using Cambrios ClearOhm™ conductive inks to produce transparent conductive films that have the highest transparency, best color, and most pliability of any other comparably conductive film. These films will replace ITO-coated PET films in touch sensors for a wide array of consumer electronic devices.
"Toray Advanced Film's commitment to building products based on ClearOhm material is one of the most important milestones our company has achieved to date," said Dr. Michael Knapp, President and CEO of Cambrios. "Manufacturers of consumer electronic products need better optical performance at a lower cost than is possible with ITO-coated transparent conductive film. Toray Advanced Film is one of the world's most important film companies and is an excellent partner that, with ClearOhm material, will offer the industry a valuable new option for a key raw material."
Cambrios ClearOhm material offers simpler patterning, less expensive deposition options and, because of its flexibility, can improve yield versus ITO.
"Cambrios is one of important partners for Toray Advanced Film to create highly innovative solutions for cutting edge electronics," said Mr. Susumu Yamaguchi, President and CEO of Toray Advanced Film. "Toray Advanced Film is confident to manufacture unique, robust, and high quality film products by its own technologies and expertise. The collaboration between Cambrios and Toray Advanced Film will make an impact for touch panels and related products."
About Cambrios
Cambrios is an electronic materials company that develops proprietary, competitive products using nanotechnology. Cambrios implements its novel technology to simplify electronics manufacturing processes, improve end-product performance and identify ways to satisfy unmet industry needs. The company's first product is ClearOhm™ coating material that produces a transparent, conductive film by wet processing. ClearOhm™ films have improved properties by comparison to currently used materials such as indium tin oxide and other transparent conductive oxides. Applications of ClearOhm™ coating material include transparent electrodes for touch screens, liquid crystal displays, e-paper, OLED devices, and thin film photovoltaics.
About Toray Advanced Film
Toray Advanced Film's technologies add a rich selection of functions and value onto film materials. Ever attentive to the voice of the times, positioned as the core company of the film business among Toray Group, Toray Advanced Film creates innovative film materials that contribute to the future of people, society and the environment, in a wide range of fields, from electronics – where the rapid progress of technological innovation is reflected in products such as small, highly integrated electronic devices – to food that requires quality, security and healthcare that contributes to personal well-being, and even environmental conservation.
Source: Cambrios (press release)
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