4DS and SEMATECH Collaborate on Next Generation Non-Volatile Memory Devices

(Nanowerk News) 4DS, Inc., a Silicon Valley RRAM technology company, has joined SEMATECH's Front End Processes (FEP) to partner on efforts in non-volatile memory technology development.
4DS will closely collaborate with engineers from SEMATECH's memory program to build a full transistor-memory to demonstrate a working prototype of a low power RRAM device based on 4DS' proprietary material processes and device structures.
RRAM is a next generation non-volatile memory gaining momentum with industrial and academic efforts worldwide. RRAM is attractive as a replacement for FLASH memory and as a complement for non-volatile memory applications due to its speed, power profile and scaling. One of the published obstacles in deploying robust RRAM has been establishing a stable memory element. The race to develop circuits has left a gap for development of reliable materials and deposition techniques for low cost manufacturing.
"SEMATECH is pleased to welcome 4DS as a partner," said Raj Jammy, vice president of emerging technologies at SEMATECH. "4DS' unique expertise in RRAM materials technology will complement our device, process and characterization expertise. The joint partnership will expand on SEMATECH's current collaborative efforts to develop suitable materials and process techniques for future non-volatile memory applications."
The 4DS platform for non-volatile memory is a low temperature CMOS compatible, back end of line (BEOL) process with a simple structure that requires significantly fewer mask steps than FLASH memory. It potentially operates with significantly lower power and writes faster than conventional flash memories. The Company spent years developing materials and processes with a promising combination of simplified structures for manufacturing with low power performance. The 4DS team is comprised of Silicon Valley veterans in material science, processing, equipment and memory device engineering. "This novel structure and simplified process reflects 4DS know-how in materials processing and manufacturing," said 4DS' Chief Scientist, Dongmin Chen, a nanoscale quantum physicist and former Harvard Rowland Institute Fellow. "The SEMATECH collaboration will produce further validation of the 4DS offering," said Chen.
About 4DS
4DS, Inc. (www.4-d-s.com) is a privately held company leading the development of RRAM materials, processes and equipment for production of RRAM. The Company has attracted the attention of a wide range of device manufacturers and partners to develop both stand alone and embedded memory applications.
For over 20 years, SEMATECH® (www.sematech.org), the international consortium of leading semiconductor manufacturers, has set global direction, enabled flexible collaboration, and bridged strategic R&D to manufacturing. Today, we continue accelerating the next technology revolution with our nanoelectronics and emerging technology partners.
Source: 4DS (press release)
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