Olympus Stream - A Complete Materialographic Solution

(Nanowerk News) Olympus today launched the latest version of its highly successful Olympus Stream materials science microscopy imaging software family at booth 1512 in hall 1 at Control, Stuttgart. Olympus Stream 1.6 provides a number of new and improved features, which not only increase workflow efficiency, but also enhance the overall capabilities of the software. Olympus Stream 1.6 is now compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7, 64 bit, operating system, making it fully compatible with all new computer systems. Users will also benefit from a number of new solution modules, including: layer thickness measurement; cast iron analysis; and non-metallic inclusion rating in steel. These optional modules enable users to build a system to precisely match their application needs and provide a customised workflow to suite any materialographic analysis.
Version 1.6 of the Olympus Stream software has been introduced to provide updated functionality and greater efficiency. As well as support for Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit), Olympus Stream 1.6 enables users to integrate images, charts and workbooks, as well as documents from a variety of different sources. As a result, users can now create standard Word templates and use the Report Composer for the straightforward, drag-and-drop selection of templates and content for the report.
Olympus Stream Solutions
The optional solution modules provide additional functionality at the click of an icon, enabling even the most complex imaging tasks to be executed quickly and precisely. The broad array of new additions available to Olympus Stream 1.6 include: the layer thickness measurement which defines shapes and measures layers on cross section images for applications such as paint-coating thickness; the cast iron module for measuring graphite in cast iron (size, form and distribution); and the non-metallic inclusion rating in steel module to assesses the purity/quality of steel based on the worst field approach, following a comprehensive list of standards.
The Olympus Stream family
The Olympus Stream software is designed to make advanced analysis and archiving options easy to perform for all users, regardless of expertise. It is available in four versions: Start, Basics, Essentials and Motion. Each version incorporates the same intuitive user interface, so when upgrading to a higher level package, users are supplied with the familiar on-screen appearance, with new functionality. By displaying only the required features at any given time, Olympus Stream provides the ideal level of complexity to effectively meet any user requirements. Analysis options include all measurement types, such as lengths, angles, counting, and phase analysis based on threshold values. In addition, the Olympus Stream platform can be upgraded to provide access to a large number of more in-depth, application-specific analyses via the purchase of additional Olympus Stream Solutions. Olympus Stream also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office to provide automatic report generation in a range of formats.
The Olympus Stream family provides flexible and easy to use functionality for better image acquisition, measurement, archiving and automation. For further information and to see the new Olympus Stream 1.6 in action, visit booth 1512 in hall 1 at Control, Stuttgart from 3 – 5 May.
Source: Olympus (press release)
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