ChemRisk Introduces Nanotechnology Center of Excellence

(Nanowerk News) Today, ChemRisk LLC announced the formation of three Centers of Excellence to address the growing need for specialized risk assessment and risk management services worldwide: the Center for Product Sustainability, the Center for Nanotechnology and the Center for Occupational Health and Safety Sciences.
Together, these centers will concentrate on resolving current and emerging health and safety concerns about the impact of various chemicals, workplaces and consumer products on human health and the environment, according to John L. Henshaw, senior vice president and managing principal for the ChemRisk Industrial Hygiene and Safety group.
"Each center provides convenient, one-stop access to a team of highly respected experts in that field who are dedicated to understanding the issues and delivering smart, science-based solutions," Henshaw said. "These centers will also foster collaboration across scientific disciplines and drive innovation by pioneering important exposure and risk assessment methodologies – such as Chemical Footprinting, specialized product assessments, and workplace hazard characterizations – all of which enable sustainable and defensible success."
The Center for Product Sustainability, chaired by Julie Panko, principal health scientist, is focused on helping clients develop and produce products that achieve the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity. The Center for Nanotechnology, chaired by Amy Madl, senior principal health scientist, specializes in assessing and understanding the impact of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products so that clients can maximize the societal benefits of these products while minimizing risk to humans and the environment. The Center for Occupational Health and Safety Sciences, chaired by Henshaw, is dedicated to providing innovative exposure assessment and risk mitigation solutions that result in best practices that support the well-being of workers and local communities.
"These three Centers of Excellence, combined with the opening of three new offices in Chicago, Orange County (California) and the Fort Myers (Florida) area, reflect ChemRisk's growth and transformation into an even stronger global consulting partner – one that helps everyone stay on top of the issues and ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental health and safety," said ChemRisk president and chief executive officer, Dennis Paustenbach, adding that other ChemRisk offices include the San Francisco headquarters and locations in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Boulder, Colo.
About ChemRisk
ChemRisk LLC is a scientific consulting firm committed to helping clients develop sustainable solutions to a growing number of health and safety concerns. Specifically, the company specializes in pioneering risk assessment methods to characterize and understand complex exposures involving chemicals, pharmaceuticals or radionuclides in a variety of potentially contaminated media. It leads the way in working with the government, industry and academia to provide objective, science-based solutions to difficult challenges. ChemRisk has more than 50 scientists with backgrounds in toxicology, industrial hygiene, epidemiology, ecotoxicology, environmental sciences, medicine, statistical analysis, and risk assessment. It has six offices serving clients in multiple countries, across dozens of markets and industries.
Source: ChemRisk (press release)
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