Svenska Aerogel Wins Nordic Cleantech Company of the Year Award for its Scalable and Marketable Low-Cost Aerogel

(Nanowerk News) Svenska Aerogel, a supplier of a variety of low-cost environmentally friendly recyclable materials based on a patented version of aerogel material, has won the prestigious Nordic Cleantech Company of the Year Award for 2010.
Svenska Aerogel won The Cleantech Company of the Year Award at the conclusion of Stockholm Cleantech Venture Day 2010 - Scandinavia's largest cleantech investment event which attracted about 50 international investors who encountered 25 of the most interesting cleantech companies in the Nordic region.
The Nordic region – Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway – is widely seen as a leading region for new green initiatives, ecological programmes and advanced clean technology, with successful companies such as Vestas Wind Systems (Denmark) and SWECO (Sweden).
The jury's motivation for awarding the prize to Svenska Aerogel was: "The winner is a company with a very scalable business model and a clear path to the a huge market. The benefits are obvious both for the customer and for the environment. The company has also shown the ability to express this live."
"We are happy and proud to be named The Cleantech Company of the Year in such tough competition. It shows that our innovation is strong and that our business model is right on track; There are clear environmental and economical incentives for a broad range of industries to choose our patented innovative material", said Anders Lundström, CEO, Svenska Aerogel.
Svenska Aerogel has patented a revolutionary method of producing aerogel, a cost and resource effective material made from air and silicon dioxide. Aerogel lends itself to sustainable development and has numerous applications, e.g. in the energy and construction industries where it can be used to make more efficient use of energy.
Svenska Aerogel manufactures and supplies a variety of unique, environment friendly recyclable materials based on its own patented version of an aerogel material. There are a wide range of industrial applications. Both the material and the manufacturing process have been patented. Using nanotechnology Svenska Aerogel develops customised aerogel material for highly specialised functions. The technique used allows the company to create and produce excellent and versatile aerogel material at a low cost, typically 90 percent lower that with alternative methods – thus giving completely new business incentives for inclusion of aerogel in mass produced materials and products.
Source: Svenska Aerogel (press release)
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