Stacked-Cup Carbon Nanotube Manufacturer Pyrograf Products Inc. Receives ISO 9001 Certification

(Nanowerk News) Pyrograf Products, Inc. has pioneered the development of quality control methodologies for the commercial scale production of stacked-cup carbon nanotubes, also known as carbon nanofiber. The company recently consolidated 15 years of carbon nanotube quality control experience and expertise into a quality management system and was granted ISO 9001:2008 certification.
ISO 9001 provides a suite of proven business and quality management techniques to efficiently and effectively operate a successful business. Pyrograf Products developed its quality management system according to ISO standards over a one year period and then underwent a thorough analysis of its policies and procedures conducted by Eagle Registrations, Inc. Eagle has a long standing, excellent reputation in the Dayton, OH area and is an ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accredited registrar. Certification through Eagle to ISO 9001:2008 ensures consistent quality and continual improvement of products to provide an added sense of confidence in Pyrograf®-III carbon nanofiber.
"ISO certification provides an internationally recognized means for us to communicate Pyrograf's commitment to quality and continuous improvement to our customers. It is a significant step forward for us and we are very pleased to provide this level of quality assurance in our process and product." - David Burton, General Manager
Pyrograf®-III is a patented, highly graphitic, low-cost stacked-cup carbon nanotube with properties approaching the theoretical values of graphite in almost every performance characteristic. Pyrograf®-III stacked-cup carbon nanotubes are a highly pure product with over 99.9% fibrous material and very low metal concentrations. Pyrograf Products, located in Cedarville, OH, was incorporated in 1996 and has since grown to become the world's leading producer of stacked-cup carbon nanotubes with an annual capacity of 50,000 lbs per year. Pyrograf®-III stacked-cup carbon nanotubes are currently being used worldwide to provide unmatched mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties in polymeric composites.
Source: Pyrograf (press release)
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