Nanofilm and SDG, Inc. Sign Joint Development Agreement for Nanotechnology and Bio-Nano Products

(Nanowerk News) Nanofilm and SDG, Inc., two Ohio-based nanotechnology companies, today announced the signing of a comprehensive joint development and licensing agreement to develop and commercialize nano-formulas that combine the two companies' technologies. Among the planned projects is development of technology to control the release and toxicity of bio-active agents at the nano-scale. Potential applications include longer lasting anti-bacterial surface treatments.
The scope of the exclusive agreement covers a broad range of consumer and industrial applications for formulas bringing together the two companies' capabilities.
"There's a strong synergy between Nanofilm and SDG's nanotechnology development and commercialization strengths," comments Scott Rickert, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Nanofilm. "Together, we are able to capitalize on near-term opportunities for enhanced bio-active nanotechnologies for a variety of professional and consumer uses."
"Working with Nanofilm builds on SDG's long history of successful nanotechnology development and commercialization partnerships," says Robert Geho, SDG's co-founder and Senior Vice President. "We anticipate aggressively extending the capabilities of bio-nanotechnology to new applications."
Nanofilm brings to the partnership over 25 years of experience as a leader in nanofilm technology and self-assembling thin films for a variety of substrates and surfaces. The company has patented formulations and commercialized thin film coatings for use in optics, transportation, energy, housewares and other industries. Nanofilm products are distributed around the world.
SDG has successfully developed, patented and commercialized nanoscale liposomes to be carriers for individual drug molecules for therapeutic treatments as well as diagnostic imaging agents, nutraceutical ingredients, and consumer product actives, including fragrances, conditioners, sunscreens and hair care actives.
The two companies began discussing joint bio-nanotechnology efforts thanks to an introduction through the Nano-Network, whose mission is to encourage and enable the development and commercialization of nanotechnology in Ohio. It is a division of PolymerOhio, an Edison Technology Center focused on the polymer industry and advanced materials in Ohio. Ken Vaughan, Executive Director of the Nano-Network, and Wayne Earley, CEO of PolymerOhio, brought the company principals together to explore potential projects. "We're proud to have helped connect two of Ohio's most promising technology companies. The new nanotechnologies they develop together are as much a boon to Ohio's economic development as they are to the individual companies," said PolymerOhio's Earley.
About Nanofilm (
Nanofilm has been commercializing nano-coatings since shortly after its founding in 1985. The company's technology portfolio solves customers' problems where optically clear, thin (nanometers to microns) coatings, self-assembling nano-layers, or nanocomposites are required. Nanofilm develops proprietary films and also partners with companies to formulate custom coatings or reformulate existing coatings to add new properties. Nanofilm is a privately held company with headquarters in Valley View, Ohio, near Cleveland.
About SDG, Inc. (
SDG, Inc. is a privately held developer of bio-nanotechnologies for use in drug delivery systems and in consumer product applications. The Company's patented systems have been used in the creation and development of novel oral delivery systems for insulin, interferon and other protein-based therapies, cell-receptor targeting of a wide variety of large and small molecule drugs and diagnostics, and consumer products ranging from hair conditioners and styling agents to skin-adhering insect repellents and sunscreens. SDG is an Equity Partner Company of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and a resident company in the Clinic's Innovation Center.
Source: Nanofilm (press release)
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