Semiconductor Research Corporation Drives Key Initiatives to Accelerate Industry Adoption of 3D Integration of Integrated Circuits and Systems

(Nanowerk News) Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), the world's leading university-research consortium for semiconductors and related technologies, today announced it is leading an effort to address key roadblocks for wide-scale adoption of the emerging 3D integration of integrated circuits (IC) and systems. These new initiatives will develop solutions that address critical reliability and design tool issues and leverage a partnership formed by researchers from universities and the semiconductor industry at large.
"The development of the 3D technology platform that can enable all the benefits this breakthrough technology has to offer will be as disruptive and beneficial as the invention of the integrated circuit itself," said Jon Candelaria, director of Interconnect and Packaging Sciences at SRC.
SRC is driving these initiatives as a part of the 3D Enablement Center program in partnership with SEMATECH and the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). The program aims to establish the infrastructure, including industry standards and specifications, necessary for the industry to leverage 3D packaging technology for innovative new applications, as well as for enabling smaller, faster and lower power IC's for existing product families.
It has been recognized that the reliability issues for these emerging 3D integration platforms are not merely extensions of conventional 2D IC technology issues, but also bring many unique and complex challenges that require innovative solutions.
In addition, the sophisticated software tools created and developed over the years to design more complex 2D integrated circuits systems will not extend easily to 3D. The challenges include the optimization of each layer of circuitry that could be stacked together, the partitioning and placement of each of billions of individual devices and the routing and timing of signals to all of these.
"SRC's support and management of an extensive research portfolio in these and many other related areas uniquely qualify us to lead these new initiatives working with our university and industry colleagues, and we expect this effort to play a key role in the short term while having an even greater long-term impact," Candelaria said.
About SRC
Celebrating 29 years of collaborative research for the semiconductor industry, SRC defines industry needs, invests in and manages the research that gives its members a competitive advantage in the dynamic global marketplace. Awarded the National Medal of Technology, America's highest recognition for contributions to technology, SRC expands the industry knowledge base and attracts premier students to help innovate and transfer semiconductor technology to the commercial industry. For more information, visit
Source: Semiconductor Research Corporation (press release)
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