Full-Color Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Displays Move Closer to Reality

(Nanowerk News) QD Vision, Inc., developer of nanotechnology-based products for displays and solid state lighting, today announced major advances in the efficiency and performance of its quantum dot LED (QLED) technology. The company will present these technology achievements, which move low-cost, full-color QLED displays closer to reality, at SID 2011 on Tuesday, May 17, session 12 at 2:20pm.
QLEDs offer all of the functional benefits of emissive display technologies, with the added advantage of simplified manufacturing processes and the potential to consume half of the power of the most efficient OLEDs. QD Vision's red, green and blue QLEDs now meet or exceed the 1953 NSTC color standard without using color filters or secondary effects. The exceptional color performance of QLEDs translates into a fundamental 30-40% luminous efficiency advantage over the best known OLED technology.
"The unique combination of extraordinary color, high efficiency, demonstrated stability and low-cost patterning makes QLEDs the next breakthrough in electroluminescent technology for displays and solid-state lighting applications," said Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan, QD Vision Chief Technology Officer.
QD Vision's deep red QLEDs now offer greater efficacy at equivalent color than the best reported phosphorescent OLEDs, and its green and blue QLEDs match the performance of fluorescent OLEDs, but with far superior color performance. For example, red QLEDs fabricated by QD Vision consistently achieve peak external quantum efficiencies (EQEs) of more than 18% and efficacies of more than 22 lm/W and 18 Cd/A, at 1931 CIE color coordinates of (0.68, 0.32).
To learn more about the benefits of QD Vision's QLED technology, please visit: http://www.qdvision.com/qled-technology.
About QD Vision, Inc.
QD Vision (www.qdvision.com) is a quantum dot product company that delivers highly differentiated display and lighting solutions. QD Vision's Quantum Light™ platform enables step-change advances in current generation solutions, such as LCDs, LEDs and even OLEDs, and ultimately a significant leap over these technologies. Leveraging a first-tier patent position in nanotechnology originating at MIT, QD Vision is a privately held company based in Watertown, Mass.
Source: QD Vision (press release)
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